ASA - Association of Student Activities

Group Privileges

MIT Student Group

Compared with an MIT-funded student group, an MIT student group has less access to student activities resources and is not eligible to apply funding from the UA Funding Board or the GSC Funding Board. Consider applying for MIT student group status if you want to start a group which needs merely recognition, publicity and reservation access, but can serve as the basis of a community for a group of students. Note that an MIT student group can still apply for the merit-based LEF/ARCADE funding. This is a potentially permanent status, however groups may request to change to Funded Status by email to This can happen beginning one year after the group's recognition and no more than once a year.

The general criteria for MIT student group recognition are:
  1. At least 50% of active/voting members are MIT students;
  2. The president and treasurer are MIT students;
  3. Membership consists of at least 5 student members;
  4. Follows the MIT Non-Discrimination Clause;
  5. Demonstrates uniqueness from existing student groups.

Please refer to the compare privileges page for detailed information. If the ASA Executive Board feels you may fit another designation better, we will make that recommendation.