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Student Activities Midway

The Fall Orientation Midway is the primary fall recruiting event for ASA groups. There is also a CPW Midway for prefrosh to get a glimpse at our student groups.

CPW Midway 2019

Allocations for the 2019 CPW Midway can be found here. It will be held on Saturday, April 13th from 1-3pm in the Johnson Ice Rink.

If you would like to submit a late application for a CPW Midway booth, please fill out the form here by 11:45 PM on 4/12/19. The ASA Midway team will check the form regularly in the days leading up to the Midway and will contact student groups individually when and if a booth is assigned. If you are a new group and do not show up on the Engage form, email with your booth request.

Booth Assignments and Performance Schedule

Booth assignments and a map will be emailed out when available. If you group filled out a forum for the midway, you have been allocated one table unless otherwise notified.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Because space is limited, by signing up for a booth, you are committing to have it staffed the entire time. Please read the expectations below before signing up for a booth.

Event Details and Expectations

We have laid out the following expectations of groups for our Midways. We set these expectations to ensure that Midway space is used fairly and to help us re-assign space as it becomes available to groups on the waitlist.

The ASA Executive Board members reserve the right to remove groups and members from the Midway for any group's failure to comply with Midway rules and ASA Exec members' requests.

and setup


General setup


If your group is not listed in the booth assignments:

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