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First Year Summer Mailing

Submitting Information

The 2013 deadline for submitting materials is July 28, 2013. Submit your information online or view current submissions. Submissions from 2012 are still online.

PLEASE NOTE: MIT web certificates are needed to submit to and view FYSM, so make sure you are using a browser with your certificates enabled. More information about certificates is on the IS&T website. Additionally, certificates expire at the end of July, so if you are viewing FYSM after the deadline, then make sure to get new certificates.

Late entries will continue to be accepted. Students will begin receiving the electronic mailing in the next couple of days, and will peruse the entries throughout August. If you have questions or concerns about the First Year Summer Mailing, please email us.


The First Year Summer Mailing (FYSM) is produced by the ASA and contains information about student groups at MIT. The mailing is sent to all incoming undergraduate and graduate students (more than 2000 students total). ASA collects input from student groups in June and July and sends out the mailing in July or August.

Through 2004, the FYSM was a paper-based mailing, consisting of one paper flyer or brochure from each participating student group. For the next four years, the ASA has published a CD containing mini-websites from groups to allow for more varied forms of media to be used and to reduce paper waste and mailing costs.

In 2009 the ASA switched to compiling a website with an index of all groups like the CD publication. The website is not printed on CDs to reduce environmental and monetary waste.  Instead, the website is advertised to incoming students through postcards and the Graduate Student News.  The website includes a slideshow feature to allow students to browse all student activities.  

In 2013, the ASA has decided to use email to send all incoming students the link to the FYSM submissions.