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Opportunities for Collaboration

Many student groups provide services or run events which may benefit other groups. This directory is a place to advertise these opportunities for collaboration among MIT student groups. If your group would like to submit a listing, please send the following to

Listings are valid for a period ending no later than six months from the date of submission, unless granted an exception by the ASA Executive Committee.

Directory of Opportunities for Collaboration

Association of Student Activities

The ASA is maintaining an online directory of opportunities for collaboration. For listings and submission instructions, please visit here.

MIT Anime - Film and Global Pop Culture

MIT Anime Club

MIT Anime hosts showings and events related to Japanese animation and popular culture. We are interested in collaborating with similar groups to run events related to film, animation, video games, and Asian culture and language, but are open to other topics as well. Specifically, we hope to screen anime shows or films in conjunction with groups whose focus is related to the showing's subject matter. Additionally, we would like to host non-screening events that involve activities-- particularly those related to or featured in anime-- that may lie in another group's area of expertise.

Student Group Directory

How To Get Around MIT

Each year, How To Get Around MIT produces a comprehensive handbook of the Institute's culture, community, and environs. Part of our guide is a listing of MIT's student activities. If you are interested in including your group in How To Get Around MIT, please send an email to with your group's name, contact information (website, phone, office, interest e-mail list), and a short description of your group. We will do our best to include your information in the next edition of How To Get Around MIT.

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