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LEF/ARCADE Fund Descriptions & Guidelines (Updated 11/2016)

Both LEF and ARCADE draw from the Student Life Fee and are administered by the ASA on behalf of the Division for Student Life and the Graduate Student Office.

All ASA-recognized groups of all designations (including MIT-Funded, Sponsor-Funded, MIT Student Group, FSILG, and Club Sports Council groups) are eligible to apply to LEF and ARCADE.

LEF, started in 1998, receives $100,000 of the DSL portion of the Student Life Fee to allocate per academic year over 4 funding cycles.

ARCADE, started in 2002, receives $75,000 of the DSL and GSO portions of the Student Life Fee to allocate over 4 funding cycles each academic year. The mission of ARCADE is to fund events that promote interactions and foster good relationships between the different cultural, ethnic, and otherwise diversified branches of the MIT community.

Both funds are intended to bring events to the MIT community that would otherwise be unable to exist without additional funding. For this reason, you are unable to use LEF-ARCADE funds should your event be making a profit.

Note that events may NOT receive funding from both LEF and ARCADE, and the Chair of LEF and ARCADE reserves the right to consider applications under the opposite funding board if it is deemed appropriate.

LEF Philosophy and Guidelines

ARCADE Philosophy and Guidelines

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