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The current list of assigned mailboxes is given here (PDF).

Groups may request a mailbox in W20-4 hallway by contacting the ASA Executive Board.  If you request this service, it is important to regularly check your mail. 

To have mail delivered to your mailbox, please direct it to:
[Name of group]
84 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139


Groups with or without mailboxes on W20-4 may receive packages delivered to the above address. The packages will be accepted by the Student Activities Office (SAO) staff and they will email you when they receive a package for your group. Then you are responsible for picking the package up from W20-549 during their set hours. If you are expecting particularly bulky package(s), then it would useful for you to to speak with SAO in advance to plan for handling the delivery.

Groups Without Mailboxes

Currently, groups without mailboxes can also receive mail to addressed to W20-401 (or W20-549). This mail is sorted into bins in W20-401 and it is groups' responsibility to pick that mail up when the office if open. ASA has some listed office hours during which you may pick up mail. You may also drop in at other times if the office is open and there is not a meeting in progress. Alternatively, contact the ASA Executive Board to arrange a time to check for your mail.

A list of groups with mail in W20-401 as of the end of July is given here (PDF).

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