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One Year Check

All newly recognized groups are categorized as “provisional”. After one year of being active, the ASA performs a one-year check to ensure that the group is still functioning, following the rules, and growing.


A member of the ASA Executive Board will contact the group's officers when the time comes. At that point, the group officers will have to fill out the 'one-year check' form (PDF) and submit it to the ASA. The ASA Executive Board member may also want to look further into the activities of the group by attending an event or a meeting.

After the forms are submitted, the ASA Executive Board member will give one of the following recommendations to the board:

  1. Upgrade the group to full recognition.
  2. Maintain the group provisionally recognized: if the group appears to be active, but does not show signs of long-term growth and activity, the member may recommend the group remain provisionally recognized for one last year. If, after this year, the group is still not active, the group will be de-recognized.
  3. De-recognition: if the group is not active, unable to meet the membership criteria, or has been constantly cited for breaking MIT/ASA/UA/GSC regulations, the group may be de-recognized. Subsequent recognitions will require a full recognition procedure, and cannot happen during the same semester as the de-recognition action.

The decision of the ASA Executive Board will be announced to the group's President.


One-year check form (PDF)