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Re-recognition Procedure

From the ASA Recognition Procedures, Article V:

Section 1: Applicability

Re-recognition is applicable in four situations:

  1. A group is still officially recognized, yet has gone informally inactive, and a new set of people want to restart the group.
  2. A group that was derecognized in the current school year or last six months, whichever covers a longer period.
  3. A group that was derecognized beyond the windows in the previous item.
  4. A group that has been suspended by the Board.

Groups in the third category should apply as if they were a completely new activity. Suspended groups should follow the provisions set forth by the Board at the time of their suspension.

Groups in the earlier categories should follow the procedures outlined in the next section.

Section 2: Re-recognition Procedure

A group of people that want to restart a group as described items 1 and 2 (but not 3 and 4: see above for those) in the previous sections shall contact the Board with the following information:

  1. A complete list of people involved with the restart effort - must include at least 5 MIT students and be at least 50% MIT students.
  2. An account of any efforts made to contact the existing group's officer list, listed officers, and/or known past officers or members.
  3. Statement of purpose and plans for the activity.
  4. Any plans to prevent the activity from going inactive or getting derecognized again.

The Board may request additional information or a meeting with group representatives. Additionally, in the case of inactive groups, the Board shall attempt to get in contact with the existing group's officers list, listed officers, and/or known past officers or member or otherwise attempt to confirm the group's inactivity.

Then the Board shall consider the request at the first Board meeting after the request is complete and inactivity has been investigated when applicable. A majority vote of the Board can decide to allow the requesting set of people to restart the activity. This decision can also change the classification of an activity group (i.e. a Funded Student Group may be restarted as a Student Group).

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