Deployable Quantum Technologies

We are an experimental research group focused on harnessing the power of quantum technologies in real-world chemical and physical sciences.

We develop new modalities of “quantum-enhanced” NMR and MRI to generate new analytical tools on-chip or on the benchtop. We aim to marry together chemically-specific NMR spectroscopy, with the high spatial resolution, throughput, and ubiquity of a laser.

Our group thrives on interdisciplinary research at the intersection of chemical physics, engineering, and computation. Prof. Ajoy has strong links with the Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Physics departments on campus.

What we do

What We Do

We seek to innovate new classes of quantum sensors, quantum simulators and non-invasive quantum-assisted imagers. We employ techniques at the interface of spin resonance, optics and quantum computing. Our work has been highlighted several times in popular media, including by MIT, U.C. Berkeley and Lawerence Berkeley National Laboratory.

We welcome inquiries for research opportunities at all levels (graduate and undergraduate students, post-doctoral and visiting scholars). If interested, please contact Ashok Ajoy at