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Scheduled Games


Saturday Nights, 8-11:00pm, 36-115

Travel to strange new classrooms. Meet interesting, unusual people, and kill them! Patrol is a high-action game of live combat with rubber-dart guns. Shoot your friends, then watch out as they try to take their revenge.

Wizards Fair

Weekend of 5/30
GMs: Ruthi Hortsch, Adam Hesterberg, Alex Dehnert, Yuri Lin, Miriam Gershenson

Wizards Fair is a four hour, high plot LARP about a large meeting of wizards in a high fantasy world in which magic is dying out. While there, the wizards play with magic, politics, puzzle-solving, and evil intentions. It is being run the weekend of May 30 by Ruthi Hortsch, Adam Hesterberg, Halimeda Glickman-Hoch, Yuri Lin, Alex Dehnert, and Miriam Gershenson.

The power of magic wanes. Legend tells us that in the ancient time, human wizards were capable of altering the very nature of reality with their spell work, but that was many, many years ago. Those were the days before the Shattering, an magical catastrophe that we know little about. What we do know is that wizardkind is dying out.

Yet, once every five years, an ancient fairground reappears in the kingdom of Bremerhaven. As a central meeting point for the magical community, the fair has drawn together wizards from far and wide to trade, share knowledge, make plans to stall the decay of magic, and select new members of the Circle of Five. Some look to gather political support for their causes or to complete magical research. No doubt some are meeting with co-conspirators for sinister purposes, to break the Laws of Wizardry. Some people just attend to see old friends or make new ones. Every fair promises to be exciting, but this year may change the future of magic forever . . .

The Importance of Being Convergent

Weekend of 6/20
GMs: Xavid, Halftime

Tetrana is a small but ancient and prosperous kingdom. Its most distinctive feature is its strong caste system, which divides every individual into a rigid caste based on affinity to one of the four elements: Air, Fire, Water, or Earth. Each caste has rigidly defined roles and a strict place in the social hierarchy.

Most unusually, however, every 100 years a mystical Convergence of the four elements reshapes the structure of Tetranan society, allowing the caste hierarchy to be realigned! This is obviously a most important event, and you are privileged to represent one of the four castes at the Convergence, with the power to determine if a Realignment will occur. You do this, of course, by using your elemental gems to summon your spirit butterfly. Because everything about Tetrana makes perfect sense.

Of course, it'd be highly improper for anyone to pretend to be a member of a caste they are not, and especially so at such an important event that will decide the future of the country for the next century. So you have every assurance that everyone is exactly who they appear to be.

Tetrana is a short game of politics, secret identities, and romance, but primarily ridiculousness. It won 2nd place in the Iron GM contest at Intercon N. It is optimized more for roleplaying, humor, and dramatic scenes than for cutthroat competition, and has few mechanics.

Guild Camp XIII

Weekend of 7/11 through 7/27
GMs: You!

Come write a game in two weeks and then run it!

Team Fortress: Mann vs. Machine

Weekend of 8/01
GMs: Mika Braginsky, Nathan Serrano, Eli Stickgold, Stephanie Paige

Gray Mann has built an unstoppable automaton army with a single purpose: to destroy all things Mann Co. Luckily for you, the majority of this robot legion is equipped with basic weaponry that could never level an entire building. Unluckily, they also have access to giant bombs, which they'd drag through hell if it meant dropping one in a Mann Co. bombhole. And it's up to you to stop them. Fight on a team of six players, trying to prevent hordes of robots from planting a bomb in your base. Then play the robots and try to explode the players! Mann vs. Machine is a 4-hour SIK game in which you take turns playing PCs and NPCs. There are lots of different types of classes with unique roles, plus the all-important achievements and hats!

GM Mixer

Weekend of 8/15

* I want to write a game, but I don't know what about!
* I have a great idea for a game, but no one to write it with!
* I'm a fountain of ideas and want to spread them around!
* I've never written a game and want someone show me the ropes!
* I've written tons of games and want to pass on my experience!

You have these problems -- we have solutions! Come to this summer's GM Mixer to exchange ideas, discuss games, and potentially form teams. It'll be an unstructured, free-food-fueled, bad/great idea extravaganza!

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn 3

Weekend of 8/22
GMs: Bram Sterling, Kendra Beckler, Pweaver

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
The stars are right.
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
You are coming together for one purpose.
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
To summon Cthulhu.

Upcoming Games

These are games that are planning on running in the near future, to the best of our knowledge, but aren't scheduled yet. If you think your game should be here but isn't (or vice versa), send mail to the High Council.

Escape From Lego Castle

GMs: Cassie Huangh, Telmo Correa

You didn't really believe Mrs. Frizzle when she said that something horrible would happen if the class kept losing bits and pieces of the classroom LEGO collection. After all, you're not in kindergarten anymore, and who would believe something about LEGOs disappearing into other dimensions and summoning up evil overlords? That was until someone managed to lose the last handful of legos somewhere in the classroom this morning. One minute you were standing around an empty LEGO bucket, and the next you were in some dungeon made entirely out of LEGOs. You're pretty sure you're not in Mrs. Frizzle's classroom anymore. All you have is this pile of odd LEGOs on the floor, but it seems that LEGOs have strange properties here.

It's time to plan your escape from LEGO castle!

Escape from LEGO Castle is a SIK game running the weekend of 3/28 written by Cassie Huang and Telmo Correa.

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