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Scheduled Games


Saturday Nights, 8-11:00pm, 36-115

Travel to strange new classrooms. Meet interesting, unusual people, and kill them! Patrol is a high-action game of live combat with rubber-dart guns. Shoot your friends, then watch out as they try to take their revenge.


Weekend of January 10th
Organizer: Paul Weaver

Do you want experience writing a game? Do you have some terrible idea? You thought guild camp was hard? Come write a game in 24 hours and then run it the next day! Caffeine and food provided. Sanity retention not guaranteed.


January 24th - Feburary 2nd
Runtime GMs: Dexter Chan, Ceres Lee, Susan Shepherd and Steven Valdez

Original GMs: Laura Baldwin, Mike Earl, Mark Maxwell, Mike Person and rif

It is the final round of the World Assassins' Guild Championship! This year's highly anticipated game is Calpyso. Packed with top-ranked players, this is the must-watch game of the season. The highest scorers are guaranteed to pull in huge endorsements and royalties with their performances, which is to be compiled and sold in the summary film. The writers are all award-winners, VirtuoMagic, Inc's is unveiling its state-of-the-art synthenesia control program, and the competitors are the best of the best. Even the persistent rumors of the selection process having been fixed somehow isn't dampening the enthusiasm.

Everyone expected realism. Just not this real....

First, the bit parts were behaving a lot more temperamentally than usual. You expect some personality and flavor from the stock characters, but not storming off in a huff before they'd delivered their expected clues. Then, the synthenesia was a lot better than anything anyone had seen. The smells, for one. No VirtuoWriter ever spends that much time programming the smells. The illusion was utterly convincing.

And, most distressingly of all, when Lucas Johnson got killed for stealing a goat, his ghost didn't appear to take its parting bow. He just lay there.

It was about then that people realized that something had gone wrong, that things had turned upside-down, in the game of Calypso....

Things have started to get exciting in Calypso Bay. Governor Rawley had done his best to make the little island a popular port for pirates. Still, there was usually only one ship at port at a time. This week, however, a third pirate ship showed up: the Infernal Anne and her zombie crew. The locals shrugged; at least the zombies didn't drink too much rum and cause trouble the way the other pirates did. Besides, their captain's gold was good. But then the famed British pirate hunter Captain Lloyd docked. She had no jurisdiction, of course, but everyone was on edge waiting for the fighting to start. The Governor made his usual threats about throwing any troublemakers in the oubliettes, but there weren't enough cells to keep everyone in if things started to get nasty.

The visitors weren't a surprise, though - this was the Seventh of the Seventh of the Festivals of Change, and the cults had been talking about it for nearly a generation. The loa riding their priests more frequently than anyone had seen in years. Strangers were expected, and everyone had been told to expect and be...courteous to them.

Yesterday, though, things got really weird. People started behaving strangely, turning up in places where they shouldn't. The Infernal Anne's bocor suddenly appeared in town square before it docked, and the captain had to swim to shore while the zombies tacked in circles in the harbor. Previously sensible people were talking nonsense about how "real it all looked" and kept muttering something about "experience points."

It was about then that people realized that something had gone wrong, that things had turned upside-down, in the port of Calypso....

CALYPSO is a high-weirdshit ten-day game set on a Caribbean island, and originally written by Laura Baldwin, Mike Earl, Mark Maxwell, Mike Person and rif. It will run between January 24th and February 2nd, 2014, with the runtime GM team of Dexter Chan, Ceres Lee, Susan Shepherd and Steven Valdez.

NOTE: This game first ran after finals in 1996, and is significantly different from modern games. Similar to Starlight and Babylon 5, it's a lot less likely that your character packet will tell you the steps you'll need to complete to accomplish your goals -- figuring out what you need to do is frequently part of the game. Like the fact that you might have to hover over the strange looking Calypso symbol.

Delta Green: Amazon

Weekend of 2/14
GMs: Telmo Correa, Haley Brandt-Erichsen, Benjamin Lehnert

Back in 1999, a sequence of strange events during federal investigations of emerging hate groups attracted the attention of a special group within the government. Graveyard robberies, corporate sabotage, and unexplained disappearances were quickly covered-up.

That investigation culminates today, year 2000. Federal agents are dispatched to the Amazon, under the guise of a joint operation against drug cartels.

Delta Green: Amazon is a SIK game inspired by a Delta Green scenario for Call of Cthulhu.

A Single Silver Coin

Weekend of 2/21
GMs: Laura Boylan, Peter Litwack

A Single Silver Coin is a dark fantasy game about death, loss, love, faith, guilt, and regret. It follows the journey of several deceased souls as they travel to the afterlife, each one seeking admittance to eternal paradise.

Vanqeri Technologies Enrichment Center

Weekend of 3/07
GMs: Ceres Lee, Steven Valdez

Hello, and welcome to the Vanqeri Technologies Enrichment Center! Thank you for volunteering to help broaden the fields of science by standing at the front lines. Keep in mind that although fun and learning are the primary goals of the enrichment center, serious injuries may occur. For your own safety and the safety of others, please refrain from: ESCAPING THE TESTING AREA, yelling "BOMB" in the middle of the hallway, or assaulting your fellow testees or the friendly and wonderful testers, who have "freely" volunteered their services just as you have.

As we know that you have given up your homes and liveliness to join us, we hope to make your stay as wonderful and exhilarating as possible. Please, do not hesitate to speak up if you are in need of anything. We will now be applying the Soothing Formulae. Now, please relax, and again, welcome.

Testing is the future. And the future... starts with you.

Gother(er) Than Thou

Weekend of 3/14
GMs: Kimberly Beder, Kate O'Connor

A game of gothpunks, glitter goths, industrial goths, cyber goths, classic goths and more, just barely based on Gother Than Thou: the Most Pretentious Card Game Ever (Savant Garde games, 2000) - amass ankhs, amass angst, bend the DJ's playlist to your will, push your agenda at the (n+1) Thirteenth Annual Gothstitutional Convention - a night of dancing, snackcakes, and way too much eyeliner. Prove you and you alone are the Gothest of them all.

Ides of March

Saturday, April 5 (game writing panel)
Organizer: Ken Clary

Ides is a somewhat-annual seminar on game writing. There will be GM panelists speaking on various topics, with audience discussion. GMs and players, new and old, experienced and prospective, are all welcome.

Guild Meeting!

Sunday, April 6 (committee plot)
GMs: The High Council

Officer Reports! Free Food! Elections! Possibly Other Business!

Bad Apples

Weekend of 4/18
GMs: Tom Dimiduk, Alon Levy, Thomas Wohlers

A game of murder, crime, intrigue, and family drama. Far from the reach of the law, Flotsam station is ruled by gangs. But rumor is that a fleet of the United League of Nations and Planets, and possibly also the Inquisition, is coming, and this will shake up the local power balance in ways nobody can imagine. In a bar, spies, missionaries, rebels, and drug runners come to mix and mingle, scheme and murder, and fall in love and have their hearts broken.

Inspirations include the grittier parts of Star Wars, Firefly, The Wire, and Sin City; genres and tropes include used future, noir, and crapsack world. Please note that this is a dark game containing themes of violence, drugs, sex, religious persecution, homophobia, poverty, and domestic battery. The only triggers we can promise do not feature in this game are rape and suicide.


Weekend 5/02
GMs: Alex Arkhipov, Kim Beder, Andrea Lincoln

Welcome to Happy Faces After School Care, a place for Kindergarten and first-grade students to play together and do activities in a safe and supportive environment. Playground is a low-epic, high role-playing, no-weird-shit, three hour game of kids being kids. Its Friday of the first week of class. You just finished school and are at day care until your parents come pick you up. You have three hours to play, make friends, get gold stars, eat cookies, join Secret Clubs, and avoid getting bullied. The first graders are happy to see all the kids they know from last year, but the Kindergartners just met this week and are eager to make new friends. Welcome to the jungle gym....

Reality Zero

Weekend of 5/09
GMs: Ceres Lee, Steven Valdez

You're a group of scientists from Vanqeri Technologies researching into transdimensional technology. You've recently made great breakthroughs into accessing what you've coined "Reality Zero". Unfortunately, due to your experimental methods, you are not able to directly access this "Reality Zero", and you will have to worry about "leaks" as you perform your experiments. "Reality Zero" is a one-night game with "experiment"al mechanics and pregame components set in an original universe about scientists and inventors who are pushing the bounds of reality. But with this newfound technology, the scientists must wrestle with internal conflicts and external pressures, as many look upon the limitless bounds of "Reality Zero".

Upcoming Games

These are games that are planning on running in the near future, to the best of our knowledge, but aren't scheduled yet. If you think your game should be here but isn't (or vice versa), send mail to the High Council.

Escape From Lego Castle

GMs: Cassie Huangh, Telmo Correa

You didn't really believe Mrs. Frizzle when she said that something horrible would happen if the class kept losing bits and pieces of the classroom LEGO collection. After all, you're not in kindergarten anymore, and who would believe something about LEGOs disappearing into other dimensions and summoning up evil overlords? That was until someone managed to lose the last handful of legos somewhere in the classroom this morning. One minute you were standing around an empty LEGO bucket, and the next you were in some dungeon made entirely out of LEGOs. You're pretty sure you're not in Mrs. Frizzle's classroom anymore. All you have is this pile of odd LEGOs on the floor, but it seems that LEGOs have strange properties here.

It's time to plan your escape from LEGO castle!

Escape from LEGO Castle is a SIK game running the weekend of 3/28 written by Cassie Huang and Telmo Correa.

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