8.901 Astrophysics I

Graduate level course in galactic astrophysics.

8.902 Astrophysics II

Graduate level course in extragalactic astrophysics.

8.913 Plasma Astrophysics I
8.914 Plasma Astrophysics II

Sequence of two courses for students interested in space physics, astrophysics, and plasma physics in general.

8.921 Stellar Structure and Evolution

Overview of observational information and principles underlying the physical processes and calculations of stellar structure.

8.942 Cosmology

Overview of evolution in cosmology; radiation and element synthesis; and physical models of the formation of large-scale structure.

8.952 Particle Physics of the Early Universe

Basics of general relativity, standard big bang cosmology, thermodynamics of the early universe, and various topics relating the properties of particles and the early universe.

8.962 General Relativity

The basic principles of Einstein's general theory of relativity, differential geometry, experimental tests of general relativity, black holes, and cosmology.

8.971, 8.972 Astrophysics Seminar

Advanced seminar on current topics, with a different focus each semester. Typical topics: gravitational lenses, active galactic nuclei, neutron stars and pulsars, and extrasolar planetary systems.

8.981, 8.982 Selected Topics in Astrophysics

Topics of current interest, varying from year to year.

12.601 Essentials of Planetary Science

Reviews fundamental physical concepts pertaining to the study of the solar system, and highlights recent spacecraft results

12.602 Asteroids and Small Bodies

Introduction to the study of asteroids and the ground-based and space-based techniques used to explore them.

12.603 Solar System Dynamics

Introduction to chaotic behavior in conservative systems, with examples drawn primarily from the rotation and orbital dynamics of planets and satellites.

12.611 Advanced Planetary Observations

Astronomical observations involving several techniques are carried out at a major observatory, with focus on a particular set of objectives that change from year to year.

12.616 Occultations, Eclipses, and Transits

Basic principles underlying occultation, eclipse, and transit phenomena, by solar system bodies and extra-solar planets, as observed throughout the electromagnetic spectrum.

12.621J Physical Principles of Remote Sensing

Spacecraft and Earth-based remote sensing techniques used to study the Earth and other planets, satellites, asteroids, and comets.

12.650 Current Topics in Planetary Science

In-depth discussion of current and classic literature on selected topics in planetary science. Topics vary from year to year.


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