Reading Assignments - Fall 1996

Week 1 (9/4): Read about optimization, comparative statics, the implicit function theorem, constrained optimization, the envelope theorem, and basic linear algebra, using the sources listed under 1.3 in the reading list.

Week 2 (9/9 and 9/11): Existence of a utility function which represents a preference relation. Introduction to demand theory (Section 2 on reading list).

Weeks 3 and 4 (9/16, 9/18, and 9/25): More demand theory, following topics from class; handout on consumer theory from class. Optional: Boskin's report on price indices (or any other articles on this topic from reading list); Diamond and McFadden's article on uses of the expenditure function in public finance.

Week 5 (10/1 and 10/3): Read about choice under uncertainty in the texts, as described in class.

Week 6 (10/8 and 10/10): Lecture notes on comparative statics andproducer theory (handout). Read in texts about producer theory. Reference: Monograph chapters.

Week 7 (10/16): More lecture notes/handouts. Read in texts about cost curves.

Week 8 (10/21 and 10/23): Perfect competition and monopoly in texts.