This class is full; no new students will be admitted.  However, fortunately there are a variety of other options available for you, and many of these may even serve you better than 14.121. I particularly recommend KSG API-111 Microeconomic Theory I, at Harvard, taught by Jerry Green and Nolan Miller.  This course covers all of the same material, and uses the same textbooks, as our core micro sequence.  In fact, Jerry Green wrote most of the chapters of the textbook we are using.  You can find out more about this course on Harvard's Web page.  This course is designed exactly for you: doctoral students and other graduate students outside of an economics department.

At the current time, MIT does not offer a similar course.

Other options include our undergraduate intermediate microeconomics courses, which will probably end up teaching you more economics anyhow.  14.03 is an excellent class, and 14.04 is more advanced than many masterís and doctoral courses at other schools.