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This page offers information regarding the general IM sports "system" @ MIT. It includes information regarding the Affiliation System, the Registration Process, and the Fine System. It is to be used as a general overview and is not 100% comprehensive. If you have a question or are unsure of a particular detail of the MIT IM program, please email the IM Executive Committee for more information.


The Affiliation System

A team that registers to play an IM Sport at MIT does so under one of three possible status-levels: INDEPENDENT, PROVISIONALLY AFFILIATED, or FULLY AFFILIATED. These status-levels are determined simply by whether or not that team is part of an organization (such as FSILG, Academic Department, Club, etc.) that sent a representative called an athletic chair to the IM Council meetings at the beginning of each semester. Here's what it all means --


INDEPENDENT - These teams did not send an athletic chair (to represent their organization) to the IM Council meeting at the beginning of the semester. Therefore, they chose not to be part of the administrative body of MIT IM's. As a result, an independent team must pay $75 to the IM Department (@ the DAPER Offices) as a refundable deposit during the week of registration for the IM sport. This money can be picked up following the completion of the season at the same location (see IM Handbook for exact procedures).

PROVISIONALLY AFFILIATED - This status level is the intermediary level between organizations that once used to be INDEPENDENT and desire to become fully AFFILIATED & organizations that dropped from being fully AFFILIATED because they missed an IM Council meeting. Organizations that are PROVISIONALLY AFFILIATED can enter and register as many teams as they would like into IM's for that entire semester for a $75 refundable deposit fee submitted at the beginning of the semester.

FULLY AFFILIATED - This status level applies more to an entire organization than specific teams. For those organizations that send an athletic chair to the IM Council meeting at the beginning of each semester FOR 2 CONSECUTIVE SEMESTERS, they will be considered fully AFFILIATED. The privilege associated for these organizations is that they can enter and register as many teams as they would like into IM's for $0 per team (except sports like Ice Hockey and Air Pistol that require entry fees for all teams) for that entire semester.


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Registration for IM sports occurs according to this general timeline: fall sports register in early September, winter sports register in November, and spring sports register in February. To register for a sport, each team must designate a captain. This captain must complete the Registration Form and submit it to the league manager as well as the IM Administrative Assistant. If this team is an independent team, they must submit their refundable deposit to the IM Administrative Assistant @ DAPER at the time of roster submission. If this team is affiliated or provisionally affiliated (based on the organization they register under), they must pay all unpaid fines from the previous semester. Teams cannot compete in a sport until their unpaid fines have been paid off. All money transactions must be worked out with the IM Administrative Assistant. The office is W35-297S.


The Fine System
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The fine system is used to penalize teams for not showing up for scheduled matches. Each IM manager establishes -- before the season begins -- the procedure for teams that need to reschedule matches. For teams that do not follow the reschedule procedure and/or do not show up for a scheduled match, they will be subjected to a forfeit fine. This fine is based on the specific IM sport ($75 for larger team sports and $50 for the smaller sports). This fine is also based on the occurence. Each subsequent fine for a forfeit for the same team in the same season for the same sport is higher than the previous forfeit fine. Furthermore, managers will fine teams for not showing up for referee assignments. Exact numbers are in the MIT IM Handbook. Independent teams that incur fines will have that money subtracted from their pre-season deposit. Affiliated and Provisionally Affiliated teams will have that money show up in their account balance and MUST pay it off before participating in IM sports the following semester.

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