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The Intramural Sports Program at MIT has been very successful and popular over the many years that it has existed. For many MIT students, it is the best form of recreational activity outside of the strenuous academic environment at Tech. Students look forward to relieving stress by participating in a soccer match or softball game or any sport that they and friends have registered for. Some students like the competition of A League, where as some like the chance to learn and play a completely new sport that they've never tried before by participating on a C or D league team.

The MIT IM program takes into consideration the overall aspirations of MIT students and allows such a vast level of participation. Nearly all MIT students are not at MIT working towards a career as a professional athlete, but many do enjoy the chance they have to participate in a fun IM sport league. There are no restrictions regarding the number of teams in a certain sport, because this way every student that wants the chance to participate will be allowed that chance.

"As the IM Executive Committee Chairman, I was standing at the MIT Intramural Sports booth during the CPW Activities Fair in April 2006. I met a couple who both attended MIT in the late 1970's. They went on and on about how much fun they had playing D-League Hockey and were wondering if it still existed. Much to their surprise I said "Yes" and they were thrilled to hear that. Then I met another couple (MIT grads from the '80's) who talked my ear off about playing IM softball at MIT during the spring semesters of their undergrad years. These examples of stories were great to hear, because the MIT IM program has been offering the same chances to students for years and years." - Matt Williams, IM ExecComm Chairman, February 2006-2007


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