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Elections for the February 2007-February 2008 IM Executive Committee were held on Thursday, February 15, 2007 @ 7:30pm in Room 1-190 as part of the Spring Term IM Affiliation Meeting (notes posted here).

Elections were held for the following 5 offices:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice-Chairperson
  • 3 At-Large Positions

For those interested in running for a position on the IM ExecComm...

The five-person Executive Committee, elected by the Council, meets monthly or as needed to handle day-to-day affairs as determined by the ExecComm Chairperson and IM Coordinator. Examples include:

  • To oversee the work and training of the sports managers
  • To handle protests and forfeits
  • To calculate IM Affiliation of the Year standings
  • To ensure that the IM program runs as smoothly as possible
  • To vote on any changes proposed to the MIT IM Handbook
  • To address/plan for future issues and concerns in the IM sports program
  • To educate MIT students about the MIT IM sports program via the IM bulletin board / showcase, the IM website, and meetings with participants
  • ...And more as directed by the Chairperson...

The ExecComm Chairperson has more specific duties that include:

  • To represent the IM program as a Vice-President of the MITAA
  • To attend DAPER Board meetings as IM sports representative
  • To meet bi-weekly with the IM Coordinator to plan future IM schedules (not for sports, but for affiliation meetings and manager training sessions)
  • To organize the IM ExecComm and direct its actions
  • To hold IM ExecComm meetings whenever necessary
  • To facilitate a working atmosphere between MIT students and DAPER Staff / Intramural Faculty (represented by IM Coordinator and IM Admin Assistant)
  • To organize the two IM meetings each semester (Affiliation meeting and General Body meeting)
  • To maintain the IM email lists
  • To recommend to IM Faculty (for hiring purposes) any interested student for a vacant IM manager position
  • To maintain organization of MIT IM program
  • To be the "point" for any question that is sent to IM-Exec regarding IM sports
  • To write a lot of emails! and to answer emails promptly!
  • To task the ExecComm members with duties such as webmaster, bulletin board design coordinator, photography coordinator, affiliation of the year standings coordinator, and more!
  • Ultimately, the IM ExecComm Chairperson position is one of high responsibility, but one that is a lot of fun, too!

It is imperative that good teamwork and communication is established between the Chairman and other ExecComm members to ensure the IM program stays organized. A position on the IM Exec Comm will increase your leadership experience and open your eyes to the administrative side of a large-scale program such as MIT Intramurals. Participation on IM ExecComm will be a great opportunity for you to make a huge difference in something you love doing -- especially if that something is sports, recreation, and/or sports administration.


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