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Intramural Sports Homepage > IM Managers Homepage > Important Files          're a new manager or want to become a manager but have little to no idea of how to get things started (creating schedules, standings, sending out updates, etc.). Well, this new section will really help you to get started. There are 4 main parts of this section:

  • The Official Roster Entry Form
  • The Official League Roster Sheet
  • Manager Report Forms
  • Example Season Schedules from past years -- various sport

1. The Official Roster Entry Form

Managers can send this form out to the athletic chairs and request that this entry form be used; it will save a bunch of time when creating the league roster sheet. This form is designed to match the format of the league roster sheet. It will be beneficial to manangers to ensure the format is unchanged. Managers will be able to copy and paste the data in the collected roster entry forms from the athletic chairs and compile it all into one large roster sheet as explained in #2.

2. The Official League Roster Sheet

This file will help you as a manager stay very organized while saving a great deal of time. IF YOU USE THE ROSTER FORM (from #1 above), then this this excel file will do nearly all of your work for you. The rosters can be copied directly from the official roster entry form and pasted onto this file in the appropriately labeled worksheet (by league). A demographics page is automatically calculated using the copied data from the roster forms. This excel sheet comes with comments throughout the various worksheets. The demographics are critical for managers to count and turn into Bernice Ward. (The Athletic Department needs these numbers so that the IM division can continue to receive funding.) With this excel workbook, the manager will spend no time counting the entry forms him/herself. Rather, a correctly filled out roster entry form (with the proper format) will be all the manager needs.

3. Manager Report Forms

A manager must fill out and submit two separate reports to the appropriate IM personnel. First, a pre-season report must be submitted to Bernice Ward and Sandy Lett. This is submitted once registration has closed and you have compiled a league roster and captains list. Upon review, Sandy will "allow" your to use your requested court/facilities for the IM season. Mainly, she must ensure that you are only using court/facility time that is based on the number of teams in the league. In other words, say IM basketball had only 4 teams in the league according to your pre-season report. Sandy would not authorize IM basketball to have 4 courts for 3 hours a night five days a week. The template can be downloaded from just below.

Second, a manager's report must be filed at the end of the season. It is submitted to Bernice Ward. This is, in turn, given to the MIT Director of Athletics and helps to secure funding for the IM Department. The demographics for each sport are important to get this funding and that's why this end of season report must be filled out as correctly as possible. The template can be downloaded from this page as well.

4. Example Season Schedules from Previous Years

Having a template can be the best catalyst for a new manager who is unsure exactly how to keep an organized schedule and standings section for the IM league. This section is a compilation of some schedules from previous seasons of various styles (and various sports). Obviously, there is no right way to make a schedule, but these examples will hopefully help a new manager figure out what he/she is doing quicker than if he/she had no starting point.

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