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The Intramurals @ MIT Bulletin Board is located just beyond the turnstyles in between Rockwell and Dupont Gymnasiums. This Bulletin Board is used to post general information about the IM sports program at MIT. Affiliation of the Year standings are posted as is the information for individuals to learn about the IM program. There is a lot of information posted for those who are interested in becoming IM sports managers, too. The information is similar to the info posted on the IM website, but the goal of the IM bulletin board is to advertise the IM sports program to passers-by who have limited knowledge of the program.

As of right now, the board is quite bland. However, after working with our IM Photographers, the IM ExecComm is looking to increase the amount of color on the bulletin board by posting some action photographs from the various IM sports at MIT. (Please visit the IM Photography section if interested in working for the IM ExecComm as a photographer.) The Bulletin Board is new to the IM Department and the ExecComm is working on promoting its existence.

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