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Manager Training is a VITAL part of the success of any IM sport at MIT. The manager is responsible for so many details of running a league that pre-season manager training sessions are held to educate managers on the details of their position as a Manager for an Intramural Sport at MIT. An IM Manager at MIT will gain invaluable leadership experience by organizing and managing an Intramural Sport!

The ExecComm holds a manager training session once a semester PRIOR to the Affiliation meeting. (Affiliation Meeting is held in second week of semester so Manager Training session is prior to that.) The IM Coordinator and Z-Center Facilities Manager attend to make sure Z-Center Facility guidelines/rules are followed in terms of scheduling matches and handling irresponsible participant behavioral issues.

Information passed on to the IM Managers at this meeting is straight from the IM website under the IM Managers section (Important Files). However, the ExecComm educates the IM Managers in the intricacies of the position and there is also time for Managers-to-be to ask questions about anything they are unsure of. There's a lot of information and attention to detail required of IM Managers. For example, IM Mangers must do the following over the course of 1 IM sport season:

  • Identify Rules for IM sport
  • Submit Announcement to IM webmaster and Email Announcement to IM Athletic Chairs email list
  • Collect Rosters, Check for Eligibility Issues
  • Create Demographics Page
  • Submit Rosters/Demographics to IM Admin Assistant (Bernice Ward)
  • File Pre-Season Manager's Report
  • Have a Pre-Season Captains' Meeting
  • Obtain field/court time from DAPER for IM sport
  • Generate Schedule
  • Generate Referee Schedule
  • Collect Score Reports via Email
  • Update Standings
  • Send out fine cards to teams that did not show for matches or ref assignments
  • Create Playoff Brackets
  • Give Championship T-Shirts to Championship teams at Final Matches
  • File Post-Season Manager's Report
  • ...and MORE....

The position takes a dedicated and organized person efficient in email communication. The job is a paying job, and managers should expect to work as many hours as it takes to update the schedule and standings as well as respond to emails from captains. A more experienced manager will spend less time doing administrative tasks compared to a new manager.


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