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Referee Training is an aspect of MIT Intramurals that has been partially neglected in recent years. This issue needs to be more greatly addressed by IM Managers in the sports that they organize and manage. At the Mandatory Pre-Season Captains' Meeting for an IM Sport, the IM Managers are highly suggested to go over referee training -- in the rules of the game and expectations of assigned refs to show for their assigned times. The IM ExecComm has considered adding a Referee Training Seminar for all persons interested in being a referee for an IM sport outside of the Captains' Meeting. This meeting would train all interested persons in the rules of the game that will be reffing. Refs would get paid for their services. The incoming IM ExecComm will take a much closer look at this issue as it is extremely relevant for the success of Intramurals @ MIT.

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