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The IM website has been gradually redeveloped over the past year, but especially in the past 2 months (Dec 2006 - Jan 2007). There are some new improvements to the website, most notably:

  • A more organized homepage
  • Easier navigation from section to section
  • Greater continuity/similarity between individual sections
  • More information about the specifics of the IM program at MIT
  • Sections devoted to specific audiences (Athletic Chairs, Managers, etc.)
  • ...AND MORE...

However, there is still more room for improvements. For example, the IM ExecComm has a great interest in putting the entire registration system online for greater ease and organization. Software specifically for the MIT Intramural Sports Department would need to be developed for this. Since we're at MIT, there is a great opportunity that this is developed by an MIT student. This new development idea should be pursued closely by the incoming IM ExecComm. For now, though, the IM ExecComm is regularly updating the IM website with information from IM Managers and the IM Coordinator.


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