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Alejandra Uranga

Research Engineer
Gas Turbine Laboratory
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Room 31-268
Cambridge, MA 02139, USA

E-mail:  auranga@mit.edu

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  • I am currently the Technology Lead of the project "Aicraft and technolocy concepts for an N+3 subsonic transport," Phase 2, a collaborative effort between MIT, Aurora Flight Sciences, and Pratt & Whitney, under NASA's support. We are developping D8 "double-bubble" concept, an inovative aircraft configuration targetting a service entry in the 2025-2035 timeframe and which has the potential to provide significant reductions in fuel burn, emissions, and noise. (Read more)

  • My research interests are in novel aircraft design; integrated propulsion systems; and computational fluid mechanics, in particular the understanding and modeling of transition to turbulence.

  • I finished my PhD in September 2010 in the Aerospace Computational Design Laboratory (ACDL) in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT. My thesis research involved the use of high-order numerical methods for the accurate simulation of transition to turbulence in flows at low Reynolds numbers, as part of a large project focusing on biologically inspired flapping flight. My thesis work was co-supervised by MIT Professors Jaime Peraire and Mark Drela. I also worked closely with Per-Olof Persson of UC Berkeley. In our 3DG Group, we developed high-order accurate solvers based on the Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element method for computational fluid and solid mechanics. (Read more)

  • I hold a Master of Applied Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Victoria, BC, Canada, which I completed in August 2006. My thesis work focused on the comparison of turbulence models applied to the flow around stationary and oscillating cylinders using a compressible Finite Volume method, and was co-supervised by Ned Djilali and Afzal Suleman

  • I completed my B.S. degree in Aerospace Engineering in May 2004 in a joint program between the Florida Institute of Technology, Florida, USA, and the SKEMA Bachelors (fromerly Euro American Institute) in Sophia Antipolis, France. I also have a two-year college degree in Mathematics (DEUG MIAS, 2000) from the Université Paris 7 Denis Diderot, Paris, France.

  • I enjoy traveling, reading, swimming, ice skating.

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