Allen Wang

Welcome to my website! I'm Allen Wang, a student at MIT currently residing in Next House 5E. I grew up in Acton, Massachusetts, where I graduated from Acton-Boxborough Regional High School.


I'm planning to study Computer Science (course 6-3) and Mathematics (course 18). Broadly speaking, my interests are tech and entrepreneurship. In my free time I like to play poker, do something on the piano, go for a swim, or distract friends by talking to them :).

Photo of me!

About This Website

Under Classes, I briefly highlight courses I've taken. On the Work page I share bits of interesting "work" things I've done. The Extras page includes fun things I used to do back in the day—highschool—along with more current endeavors. Finally, the Thoughts page will be where I post random updates and celebrate (or complain about) the small things in life that I won't remember in a few years.


Email me at if you'd like to talk! In addition, I exist as AllenWang314 on Art of Problem Solving, Science Olympiad, GitHub, LinkedIn,, and more!