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Awards for Graduate Students


The Compton Prizes are given in memory of Dr. Karl Taylor Compton, President of the Institute from 1930 to 1949 and Chairman of the Corporation from 1949 to 1954. They are the highest awards presented by the Institute to students and student organizations in recognition of excellent achievements in citizenship and devotion to the welfare of MIT. They reflect outstanding contributions to the MIT community as a whole, sustained over a significant number of years.

[2010 Recipients] Michael Bennie '10, Kevin McComber G, Student Information Processing Board

[2009 Recipients] Arjun Naskar ’09, Robert Y Wang G, MIT-EMS


The Stewart Awards are presented in memory of William L. Stewart, Jr., an alumnus and member of the Corporation who demonstrated deep interest in student life at MIT. The Stewart Awards recognize outstanding contributions by an individual student or student organization to extracurricular activities and events during the preceding year.

[2010 Recipients] Zachary Bjornson-Hooper 10, Alex Hamilton Chan G, Keri-Lee Garel '10, David Schultz G

[2009 Recipients] Johnathan Cromwell ’09, Adlai Grayson ’09, Ankur Sinha G, Wendi Xiaowen Zhang ’09, Chinese Scholars Association


The Edward L. Horton Fellowship Award is given in memory of Edward L. Horton, a doctoral candidate in Physics, to honor his spirited contributions to graduate student life at the Institute. The award will be presented to any student group that fosters fellowship within the graduate student community. This award was established by the Graduate Student Council upon the untimely death of Mr. Horton in 1982. Nomination forms available at the Graduate Student Council website.

[2010 Recipient] 2009 MIT Career Fair Directors

[2009 Recipient] Edgerton House Association


Established in 1999, this award honors Mrs. Wiesner’s legacy at MIT. The award is presented to a member or friend of the MIT community for conspicuously effective service that reflects Mrs. Wiesner’s concerns for enhancing life at the Institute and in the world at large.

[2010 Recipient] Kimie Shirasaki, MIT Affiliate

[2009 Recipient] Barbara D. Smith, Department of Mechanical Engineering


The John S. W. Kellett ’47 Award recognizes any MIT individual or group for an exceptional and/or sustained commitment to creating a more welcoming environment at MIT, including but not limited to, improving the experience of lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgendered (LBGT), and questioning individuals. The award honors Mr. Kellett, whose spirited support has enabled significant improvements in the lives of members of MIT’s LBGT community.

[2010 Recipient] Queers in Urban Studies and Planning

[2009 Recipients] Ashley N. Davis ’09, Adlai Grayson ’09


The Goodwin Medal is presented to a graduate student whose performance of teaching duties is “conspicuously effective over and above ordinary excellence.” This award was established in memory of Henry Manley Goodwin, the first Dean of the Graduate School of MIT. NOTE: All nominations for the Goodwin Medal should be sent to the relevant department’s head; each department may endorse only one candidate to the Dean for Graduate Students. Read further details on the nomination process at the GSO website.

[2010 Recipient] Zhe Lu G, Department of Chemistry; Yoda Patta G, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

[2009 Recipient] Barry Kudrowitz G, Department of Mechanical Engineering


In 2001, Patrick J. McGovern, Jr. ’59, working through the MIT Entrepreneurship Center, established the McGovern Entrepreneurship Award to be presented annually to an individual student or student team that has made a significant impact on the quality, visibility, and overall spirit of entrepreneurship education and support across the Institute. Any MIT student or student team is eligible for this Award that honors Mr. McGovern, an accomplished entrepreneur, life member of the MIT corporation, and major contributor to the Institute community.

[2010 Recipients] MIT Entrepreneurship Review

[2009 Recipients] MIT Energy Club: Pedro Santos, Marcio von Muhlen, Brian Cantwell, Sombit Mishra, Amy McKnight Fazen, Lara Pierpoint


The Laya and Jerome B. Wiesner Student Art Awards are presented annually to two students (undergraduate or graduate), living groups, organizations or activities for outstanding achievement in and contributions to the arts at MIT. Established by the Council for the Arts at MIT in 1979, these awards honor President Emeritus Jerome Wiesner and Mrs. Wiesner for their commitment to the arts at MIT. An endowment fund provides a $1,000 honorarium to each recipient. NOTE: All nominations for the Laya and Jerome B. Wiesner Student Art Awards should be sent to Susan Cohen, Director, Council for the Arts at MIT, E15-205, cohen@media.mit.edu, by Friday, March 18, 2011. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

[2010 Recipients] David S. Greenberg '11, Visual Arts Program; Sriniwasan Balaji Mani '10, Music; Jess Wheelock G, Visual Arts Program

[2009 Recipients] Samuel Kronick ’10, Simone Ovsey ’10, MIT Salsa Club


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