Amos G. Winter
Assistant Professor
Director, Global Engineering and Research (GEAR) Lab
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Industrial Experience

Prof. Winter collaborates with many companies through his research. These relationships can be found on the GEAR Lab Research Projects pages. Please contact him directly for consluting positions. Below is a list of industrial positions held.
Bluefin Bluefin Robotics Corporation
Contractor, Autonomous underwater vehicle design
Cambridge, MA
Jan. 2006-June 2010
  • Invented a novel two degree-of-freedom propulsion system with both actuators and thruster in a single rigid housing.
  • Designed a compact, 4500m depth rated radio direction finder (RDF) beacon.
  • Developed a variable buoyancy system to allow vehicles to operate in both salt and fresh water.
  • Engineered an ultra-compact, 60lbs drop weight mechanism that enables vehicles to surface in emergency situations.
  • Designed a “Zero Volume” lift point that utilizes vehicle shell strength and maximizes buoyancy volume.
Schlumberger Schlumberger-Doll Research Center
Intern, Design and testing of down-hole anchoring and tractoring systems
Cambridge, MA
Jan.-June 2006

  • Derived governing equations and generated concepts to facilitate the design of compliant anchoring devices.
  • Improved and tested an apparatus to measure and predict down-hole tractor and mud cake interaction.
Bluefin Bluefin Robotics Corporation
Intern, Autonomous underwater vehicle design
Cambridge, MA
June-Aug. 2003
  • Conceived and designed new mechanical systems including a retractable GPS antenna, an improved battery securing latch, a vehicle single point lift eye and internal frame, a hull drain valve, and a portable 15ft vehicle test tank.
NASA JPL NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Intern, Mechanical and Robotics Technologies Group
Pasadena, CA
June-Aug. 2002
  • Redesigned drive train components to improve top-speed and reliability for the “PackBot” urban combat robot.
MBARI Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Intern, Underwater engineering

Moss Landing, CAJune-Aug. 2001
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