Every week, a group of MIT students collect inside a small kitchen to provide a great service to the Boston community. From artisan yeast breads to specially crafted pastries, the students combine their creativity and curiosity to produce quality baked goods superior to any commercially baked product. The following morning, all these baked good reach the plates of the needy who fight to survive each and every day.

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We are always looking for new ideas and ways to serve the community, and we appreciate your help.

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email: bakingvolunteer-www@mit.edu

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The Baking Volunteer Club accepts donations of all types.
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  • Efficiency: Every dollar and/or ingredient you donate is used 100% towards fighting hunger.
  • Keep Track of Us: Donors have the option to recieve weekly updates
    on our donations and culinary adventures.
  • Quality: Our homemade baked goods are superior in quality,
    giving the less priveleged a gourmet pastry to enjoy.

Sponsor Classes:

Everything but the Kitchen Sink!$500
Chocolate-Gushing, Gooey Congo Bar$250
Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie with a hint of Cayenne Pepper$100
Sugar-Coated Snickerdoodle$25

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We are the Baking Volunteer Club

The Baking Volunteer Club was established in October 2008 by Robert McQueen. After attending Johnson and Wales' School of Culinary Arts in Rhode Island, Robert wanted to continue to pursue his culinary interests at MIT. As a result, the Baking Volunteer Club has been meeting every week since its first meeting on November 8th.

Thanks to the MIT Public Service Center, the Baking Volunteer Club has proven to be a great success. Our weekly donations of home-baked breads and pastries have helped feed Boston’s homeless and underprivileged communities. In fact, we bake enough goods to feed as many as 100 individuals every week, and we do this with a budget of under $20.

The Baking Volunteer Club not only gives back to the community, but it provides MIT students with an outlet from their busy academically oriented lives. We meet every Friday night and bake late into the night, sometimes as long as 3am in the morning! On the following morning, we donate everything we have baked the night before to three shelters: the St. Francis House,Women’s Lunch Place, and Boston Rescue Mission.

MIT Challah Bread

The MIT Campus: Not Just Research Labs
(or is it?)

Every week, the Baking Volunteer Club meets at a dormitory kitchen on the MIT campus. Equipped with several ovens, sinks, and refrigerators, we make use of all of the supplies available to us. Many students know us as we run back and forth between kitchens!

Unlike highly equipped kitchens, our spaces do not have advanced kitchenware. We stir with wooden spoons, knead dough by hand, and portion each baked good using a weighted scale. We believe that baking in this manner achieves the greatest quality in everything we bake.

Extending Our Reach

Our Sponsors

We value every individual and organization that has supported us in our mission to fight against hunger in the Boston area. We are very thankful to the below sponsors who have recognized our organization and donated on our behalf.

Everything but the Kitchen Sink
( $500 and up )

MIT Public Service Center

Chocolate-Gushing, Gooey Congo Bar
( $250 and up)

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie with a hint of Cayenne Pepper
($100 and up)

Suger-Coated Snickerdoodle
($25 and up)

Shaws Star Market, MIT

The McQueen Family

If you would like to become a sponsor of the Baking Volunteer Club, please see our donations page under the 'contact' menu