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About me

After 3-1/2 years of drinking from the firehose, I received my S.B. in Electrical Engineering from M.I.T. For the next several years, I continued staying by the fire hydrant, working for Distributed Computing and Network Services Development <dcns-dev@MIT.EDU> , a group within MIT Information Systems, helping to enhance the campus-wide Athena Computing Environment. My responsibilities included:
* Distributed File Systems architect (including AFS Development)
* AIX Development and Integration
* Zephyr project manager
* Security analysis & engineering
* Information exchange technologies
* UNIX systems development and other software architecting
However, I felt I needed to broaden my horizons, and continued my journeys elsewhere. This was not without its consequences, as AFS decided it missed me, and without my watchful eye, it succeeded in evolving into a poltergeist. As a result, Matt Braun won the Big Screw contest by an overwhelming margin, running on behalf of AFS. However, even though I no longer work at MIT, I still try to help out by suggesting solutions to some of the problems, such as have been seen with AFS.

Since leaving MIT, I have worked as a software engineer for Xylogics, helping to enhance their Network Access Devices, the Annex product family. There I had the opportunity to become increasingly involved in various business aspects, including marketing and strategic planning. Now I am pursuing another attractive opportunity within the financial sector, and will be continuing my career at Lehman Brothers, where I will be involved in architecting solutions for building global computing infrastructures.

I enjoy architecting solutions that enhance information exchange and their infrastructures. Some of my interests include developing learning organizations, analyzing consumer markets and business processes, and engineering technological solutions to meet business needs in a cost-effective manner. Environments that offer such opportunities interest me; if you feel there is a need for someone with my background, please review my resumé, and contact me. I am not actively seeking a job, but I always remain open to new opportunities.

While at MIT, I used to be involved in the MIT UHF Repeater and Amateur Radio clubs, as well as being an associate member of the Student Information Processing Board. After moving down to New Jersey, my involvement in these organizations diminished, and I no longer am involved in such things as the SIPB Web server maintenance.

I am usually spotted with my wife, doing such things as hiking in the White Mountains, or canoeing in the Okeefenokee Swamp (Georgia). Work and play are not all that I do... You might find me at the scene of a disaster, wearing Red Cross identification, helping the victims, or in a classroom teaching CPR and First Aid to the community, or on an ambulance responding to medical emergencies.

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