Maria Bauza, MIT PhD Candidate

I am PhD student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) working with Prof. Alberto Rodriguez.

I develop algorithms that make robots more reactive through accurate feedback. In my work, I have studied both the power of closed-loop control in frictional systems and the capabilities of high-resolution tactile sensing for manipulation tasks, such as grasping and localization. My goal is to make robots highly reactive and dexterous at manipulation by effectively leveraging real-time tactile and visual feedback. MIT News

Here you can find some of my recent projects as PhD, and work that I did during my undergraduate studies.

Graduate Work

Tactile Localization and Mapping

Shape reconstruction and object localization using a vision-based tactile sensor, GelSlim.
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Tactile regrasps

Tactile regrasping using a high-resolution tactile second to improve grasp stability. Best Poster Award at ICRA 2018 workshop on Active touch for perception and interaction.
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Omnipush dataset

We present a large high-quality on planar pushing that includes RGB-D video and extense object variability.

Simulators and Object-Based Networks for Control

We propose a hybrid dynamics model, simulator-augmented interaction networks (SAIN), combining a physics engine with an object-based neural network for dynamics modeling.

Undergraduate Projects

A cheap autonomous RC car

Hacking the car's controller, we made it be a self-driving car.

The drawing robot

Our homemade robot can draw an image from the Internet onto any blackboard.

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