18.325 Topics in Applied Mathematics

Final Project Reports for Spring 2001

  1. F. Blanchette. Surface growth.

  2. J. Choi, Modeling draining sand or draining pebbles.

  3. K. Dorfman, Dynamics versus kinematics: Comparison of the mean velocities computed from the Langevin equation and macrotransport theory for spatially periodic media. (figures)

  4. K. Gosier. Derivative pricing and hedging with residual risk.

  5. D. Harmon. Renormalization group methods for percolation.

  6. G.-S. Kim. Excluded volume effect and its mean field approximation: Comparison of continuum and discrete simulation of desorption /sorption phenomena of lattice gas.

  7. Y. H. Lee. Noise detection from financial correlation matrices (using random matrix theory).

  8. J. Levitan. Reaction-diffusion modeling of oxidation-induced wear in artificial bone implants.

  9. E. Silva. Reaction-diffusion in porous materials with porosity-dependent diffusion coefficients.

  10. B. Thurber, Anomalous diffusion in amorphous semiconductors.

  11. B. White, Random walk models for fluid dispersion.

  12. S. Yang, Continuous-time random walk study of single-molecule spectroscopy.