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Mar 10 – MIT BB monthly meeting, 7-8pm in 1-135
Mar 14 – MIT Best Buddies Bowling, details TBA
Mar 28 – Friendship Relay at Hopkinton HS in Hopkinton, MA

   This is about 40 minutes away from MIT and during MIT spring break. If interested in    attending, please email officers and we could figure out a way to carpool
Mar 31 – Deadline for Best Buddies 20th Anniversary T-shirt Design Competition
   We are searching for a brand new design that illustrates “We are Best Buddies!” The    winning design will be printed and sold at this year’s Leadership Conference. The winner    will be recognized by Best Buddies founder, Anthony K. Shriver, during the award    ceremony at the 2009 Leadership Conference. Please submit your designs to Tina Hayes


Apr 4 - Midnight Madness, details TBA
Apr 8 - BB monthly meeting/transition, 7-8pm in 1-135