Constitution of MIT Black Christian Fellowship

Article 1

The name of the organization shall be MIT Black Christian Fellowship (MITBCF)

Article 2: Purpose

The purpose of the MITBCF shall be the following:

a) to provide a forum for the discussion of scripture and historical facts pertaining to Jesus Christ and the Church.
b) to provide a supportive environment that meets the needs of individuals with past Christian training.
c) to meet the unique need of Black students in a christian, social setting.
d) MITBCF shall be non-denominational and separate from any organized church group or identification.

Article 3: Membership

Membership in the MITBCF shall be open to all members of the MIT community, regardless of race, color, or religious conviction. Membership shall be obtained by submission of name to a member of the executive committee. There shall be no dues. However, members shall mae free-will contributions to provide for the needs of the group. There shall be no distinction between classes of members (i.e. such as voting or non-voting).

Article 4: Administration

a) Decisions shall be made by the executive committee through a consensus vote.
b) The quorun shall be three-fifths of the executive committee.

Article 5: Meetings

Reuglar meetings shall be held once a week. Special meetings shall be announced at the regular meetings.

Article 6: Appointment of Officers

The executive committee (EXCOM) shall appoint new executive committee members as vacancies occur. The executive positions shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Activities Coordinator.

Article 7: Positions and Responsibilities

a) President: To direct and arrange the meetings of the executive committee of the MITBCF; to direct and arrange the regular meetings of the MITBCF; and, to insure that the copy of the constitution filed with the Graduate Student Council is current.
b) Vice President: To provide administrative assistance to the President and leadership in the absence of the President.
c) Secretary: To report to the ASA the updated list of the EXCOM (& their addresses) and to record pertinent proceedings as directed by the President.
d) Treasurer: To submitto the ASA all such financial records as might be required.
e) Activities Coordinator: To plan and coordinate special events and activities of the MITBCF.

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