2001-2002 academic year meeting topics

September 28, 2001 Philippe linkage in EMG patterns
October 5, 2001 Camillo & Matt representation in primary motor and ventral premotor areas
  • Kakei, S.; Hoffman, D.S.; Strick, P.L. 1999. Muscle and movement representation in the primary motor cortex. Science 285: 2136-2139.
  • Kakei, S.; Hoffman, D.S.; Strick, P.L. 2001. Direction of action is represented in the ventral premotor cortex. Nature Neuroscience 4(10): 1020-1025.
  • Scott, S.H. 2001. Vision to action: new insights from a flip of the wrist. Nature Neuroscience 4(10): 969-970.
  • Scott, S.H.; Gribble, P.L.; Graham, K.M.; Cabel, D.W. 2001. Dissociation between hand motion and population vectors from neural activity in motor cortex. Nature 413: 161-165
October 12, 2001 Andrew contraction analysis of movement in spinalized frogs
  • Slotine, J.-J.E.; Lohmiller, W. 2001. Modularity, evolution, and the binding problem: a view from stability theory. Neural Networks 14: 137-145.
October 26, 2001


combination of muscle synergies in the construction of frog behaviors
November 2, 2001 Simon relevance of evolution to studies of the motor system
November 9, 2001

society for neuroscience practice presentations

December 14, 2001 all society for neuroscience review
  • Burdet, E.; Osu, R.; Franklin, D.W.; Milner, T.E.; Kawato, M. 2001. The central nervous system stabilizes unstable dynamics by learning optimal impedance. Nature 414: 446-449.
January 25, 2002 Margo meet the parrots!
February 1, 2002 Russ Tedrake brute force algorithms for optimal control of walking robots
February 8, 2002 Vincent a comparative study of perceptual and motor learning
February 15, 2002 Maureen learning in virtual environments I
February 22, 2002 Glenda early consolidation in human primary motor cortex (review)
  • Muellbacher, W.; Ziemann, U.; Wissel, J.; Dang, N.; Kofler, M.; Facchini, S.; Boroojerdi, B.; Poewe, W.; Hallett, M. 2002. Early consolidation in human primary motor cortex. Nature 415: 640-644.
March 1, 2002 Tom prospective memory
March 8, 2002 Matt Walker the sleep dependency of motor skill learning
March 22, 2002 Russ Tedrake interceptive arm movements
  • de Lussanet, M. 2001. The Control of Interceptive Arm Movements. Thesis, Helmholtz Instituut.
April 12 , 2002 Maureen learning in virtual environments II
April 19, 2002 Stefano Gustincich molecular biology, genetics and motor control
April 26, 2002 Simon neural control of movement review
May 3 , 2002 Matt premotor encoding of reach directions
  • Cisek, P.; Kalaska, J.F. 2002. Simultaneous encoding of multiple potential reach directions in dorsal premotor cortex. Journal of Neurophysiology 87: 1149-1154.
May 10 , 2002 Andrew stability of movement under spinal control
May 17, 2002 Koji Ito intelligent sensory-motor systems
May 31, 2002 Camillo and Glenda recordings in the cingulate motor area
June 21, 2002 Philippe linkages and topography in the frog's spinal cord
August 16, 2002 Simon and Camillo RIKEN lecture course and behavioral neuroscience of economics


september 1, 2002