2002-2003 academic year meeting topics

September 13, 2002 Matt plateau potentials in the motor system
September 20, 2002 Andrew and Simon effects of TMS during reach task learning
October 11, 2002 Maureen training function movement in patients with acquired brain injury
October 18, 2002 Simon and Andrea muscle synergies during primate grasping
November 15, 2002 all Society for Neuroscience 2002 review
November 22, 2002 Robert and Emilio a new investigation into cortical plasticity
December 13, 2002 Robert followup to cortical plasticity presentation
December 20, 2002 all holiday party
January 17, 2003 Robert autonomous learning in brain-machine interfaces
January 24, 2003 Simon Giszter modularity, feedback and adaptations of motor programs in frog spinal cord
January 31, 2003 Matt principles and mechanisms underlying the spinal coordination of movement I
February 7, 2003 Vincent afferent roles in muscle synergies of bullfrogs during natural behaviors
February 14, 2003 Matt principles and mechanisms underlying the spinal coordination of movement II
February 28, 2003


modeling the role of the spinal cord in controlling muscular synergies
March 14, 2003 Russ Tedrake learning to walk by exploiting passive dynamics
April 11, 2003 Robert EMG prediction from M1 recording
  • Morrow, M.M.; Miller, L.E. 2003. Prediction of muscle activity by populations of sequentially recorded primary motor cortes neurons. J. Neurophysiol. 89: 2279-2288.
  Simon a proposal for analysis of birdsong development
  • Tchernicovski, O.; Mitra, P.P.; Lints, T.; Nottebohm, F. 2001. Dynamics of the vocal imitation process: How a zebra finch learns its song. Science 291: 2564-2569.
April 18, 2003 Andrea

a new algorithm and analysis of frog swimming
synergy modulation with learning

May 9, 2003 Emilio, Matt, Simon
Andrew and Glenda
NCM 2003 review
cellular mechanisms of motor learning (S. du Lac talk)
May 16, 2003 Glenda exploring the cingulate motor areas
May 23, 2003 Matt a comparison of ICA and NMF
May 30, 2003 all experimental proof or disproof of the synergy hypothesis
June 6, 2003 Robert and Simon misplaced paradigms and obtuse protocols: addled notions in the neural representation of posture and what can be done about it
June 13, 2003 Tom design issues for telerehabilitation systems


september 3, 2003