Dr. Bizzi has published over 300 articles in refereed journals, book chapters and abstracts. Selected publications are available in PDF format for academic purposes only. Key publications associated with segments of his research include:


Key Publications related to Sleep

  1. Bizzi E, Brooks DC (1963) Pontine reticular formation: relation to lateral geniculate nucleus during deep sleep. Science 171:270-272. PDF

  2. Bizzi E, Brooks DC (1963) Functional connections between pontine reticular formation and lateral geniculate nucleus during deep sleep. Archives Italiennes de Biologie 101:666-680.

Key Publications relating to Movement Coordination

  1. Bizzi E (1968) Discharge of frontal eye field neurons during saccadic and following eye movements in unanesthetized monkeys. Experimental Brain Research 6:69-80.

  2. Bizzi E (1967) Discharge of frontal eye field neurons during eye movements in awake monkeys. Science 157:1588-1590. PDF

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  4. Bizzi E, Kalil RE, Tagliasco V (1971) Eye-head coordination in monkeys: evidence for centrally patterned organization. Science 173:452-454. PDF

Key Publications related to Movement in Vertebrates

  1. Abend WK, Bizzi E, Morasso P (1982) Human arm trajectory formation. Brain 105:331-348.

  2. Bizzi E, Chapple W, Hogan N (1982) Muscles as springs: implications for motor control. Trends in Neuroscience 5:395-398.

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  10. McIntyre J, Bizzi E (1993) Servo models for the biological control of movement. Journal of Motor Behavior 25:193-202. PDF

Key Publications related to Motor Learning

  1. Bizzi E, Giszter SF, Mussa-Ivaldi FA (1991) Computations underlying the execution of movement: a biological perspective. Science 253:287-291. PDF

  2. Gandolfo F, Mussa-Ivaldi FA, Bizzi E (1996) Motor learning by field approximation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 93:3843-3846. PDF

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  5. Li C-SR, Padoa-Schioppa C, Bizzi E (2001) Neuronal correlates of motor performance and motor learning in the primary motor cortex of monkeys adapting to an external force field. Neuron 30:593-607. PDF

Key Publications related to Modularity and Rehabilitation

  1. Tresch MC, Saltiel P, Bizzi E (1999) The construction of movement by the spinal cord. Nature Neuroscience 2(2):162-167. PDF

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