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Fun times at Graybiel lab

Summer journey to India, 2008
Graduate student, Nune Lemaire encounters macaque families.

Eric Burguiere and Christiane Schreiweis
test out their basal ganglias after hours.

Still from video by HF Hall.

MIBR Holiday party 2006
(top, left to right) Mark Howe, Brian DePasquale
(bottom, left to right) Theresa Desrochers, Ledia Hernandez, Dan Gibson.
Photo by HF Hall

MIBR Holiday party 2007
(left to right) Brian DePasquale, Emily Romano, Hisham Atallah, Katy Thorn, Ledia Hernandez, Eric Burguiere, Theresa Desrochers.
Photo by HF Hall




(top) Brian DePasquale batting for the 2007 MIBR softball team, photo by HF Hall (bottom) Patrick Tierney, Ledia Hernandez, 2007 MIBR summer bbq, photo by HF Hall

Christening the 2008 maze (left to right) Patrick Tierney, Hisham Atallah, Kyle Smith, Mark Howe, Eric Burguiere, Ann Graybiel, Ledia Hernandez. Photo by HF Hall