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Joey Feingold

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After studying Philosophy and Physics at Harvard (AB '98), Joey spent a year at Girton College in Cambridge University, studying for Part III of the Mathematical Tripos, which he passed in June 2000, earning the Certificate of Advanced Study in Mathematics (the Cambridge equivalent of an MSc. in Theoretical Physics). Joey is completing a PhD program in Speech and Hearing Sciences, which is part of the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology Program (Biomedical Engineering).

The program aims to train researchers to investigate the biological and physical mechanisms underlying speech communication. Joey's ultimate goal is to successfully apply the tools of engineering and mathematical analysis, in close combination with experimental research, to the problems of language processing in the brain.

Joey joined the Graybiel Lab in order to learn the basics of neurophysiological recording. Before attempting to make sense of how the brain processes language, Joey is exploring the organization of motor control at the level of circuits, rather than isolated neurons.