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BE Seminar Series Academic Year 2013-2014

All seminars will be presented in Rm. 32-141, unless otherwise noted, at 4:05pm.

Date Speaker Topic Host(s)
Fall Semester      
September 19 Mriganka Sur
Mechanisms and Emerging Therapeutics for Autism Spectrum Disorders Doug Lauffenburger
October 3 Polina Anikeeva
Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials Platforms for Neural Recording and Interrogation Doug Lauffenburger
October 17
Wogan Lecture
Stephen Hecht
University of Minnesota
Tobacco Carcinogen and Toxicant Biomarkers in Cancer Prevention Steven Tannenbaum
October 24 Michael Fischbach
Insights from a Global View of Secondary Metabolism: Small Molecules from the Human Microbiota Christopher Voigt
November 7 Anand Asthagiri
Northeastern University
Predictive Tuning of Multicellular Patterns in Development and Cancer Doug Lauffenburger
November 14
co-sponsored by CEHS
David R. Walt
Tufts University
Ultrasensitive Protein and Nucleic Acid Detection Using Single Molecule Arrays John Essigmann
November 21 Carl Hansen
University of British Columbia
Microfluidic tools for single cell genomics and immunology Paul Blainey
December 5 David Topham
University of Rochester
CD8 T Cell Motility and Extracellular Matrix Remodeling in the Influenza Infected Airway Jonathan Runstadler
Spring Semester      
February 20 Luciano Marraffini
The Rockefeller University
Tolerance During CRISPR-Cas Immunity: Domesticating the Virus Feng Zhang
February 27 Amy Keating
Measuring, Modeling and Engineering Helical Peptide Interaction Specificity Doug Lauffenburger
March 13 Niles Pierce
Engineering Programmable Molecular Instruments Mark Bathe
April 3
Harris Lecture
Joseph Graziano
Columbia University
Poison in the Well: Exposure, Consequences and Remediation of Arsenic in Bangladesh Leona Samson
April 10
CNBE Lecture
Loren L. Looger
HHMI Janelia Farm
Tools to Figure out What the Brain is Doing Alan Jasanoff and Ed Boyden
April 17 David A. Tirrell
Time-Resolved, Cell-Selective Analysis of Protein Synthesis in Complex Biological Systems Katharina Ribbeck
April 24 Wendell Lim
The Modular Logic of Cell Signaling: Learning to Rewire Cellular Behavior Timothy Lu
May 8 Kirk W. Deitsch
Weill Cornell Medical College
Immune Evasion by Malaria Parasites: Integrating Transcription, Translation and DNA Repair Jacquin Niles
May 15 Stanley Fields
University of Washington
Deep Mutational Scanning to Analyze Protein Function K. Dane Wittrup
May 22
Schauer Lecture
Sebastian Suerbaum
Hannover Medical School
The Coevolution of the Gastric Carcinogen Helicobacter Pylori with its Human Host. James Fox

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