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BE Seminar Series Academic Year 2003-2004

All seminars will be presented in Rm. 32-141, unless otherwise noted, at 4:05pm.

Date Speaker Topic Host(s)
September 11 Jeff Gelles
Brandeis University
How kinesin keeps its grip: The mechanism of a biological molecular motor. Matt Lang
September 18      
September 25 Neil Kelleher
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Top down proteomics: New approaches to mass spectrometry-based interrogation of intact proteins and their diverse post-translational modifications Forest White
October 2 James Heath
California Institute of Technology
Nanosystems biology Kim Hamad-Schifferli
October 9      
October 16 Johnny Huard
University of Pittsburgh
Isolation and characterization of a population of muscle derived stem cells potential for tissue regeneration James Sherley
October 23 Terrence Barrett
Northwestern University Medical School
The dual role of TNF in mediating iNOS induction and p53 activation during T cell-induced crypt cell apoptosis David Schauer
October 30 BE Cultural Day
The Biological Engineering Diversity Group Katarina Midelfort, Pete Dedon and Doug Lauffenburger
November 6 Catherine Drennan
Metalloenzymes: Structure and function John Essigmann
November 13 Michael Tyers
University of Toronto
Integrative Genomics:   Applications to cell size control Forest White
November 20 James Sherley
Meet the Sherley lab: Adult stem cell biological engineering Dane Wittrup
December 4 Terry Sheppard
Northwestern University
Nucleic acid engineering Pete Dedon 
co-sponsored by CEHS
December 11 Peter Butler
Pennsylvania State University
Cell and tissue
Roger Kamm
December 18      
February 5 George Church
Harvard Medical School
Measures, models and synthesis of "optimal" replicating biosystems James Sherley
February 12 Charles Martin
University of Florida
Nanotube membranes Jay Han
February 19 Marco E. Bianchi
San Raffaele University
Chromatin protein HMGB1 signals unprogrammed cell death, and promotes
tissue repair
James Sherley
February 26  
February 27
2 p.m. in room 56-614
Itay Rousso
Dept. of Structural Biology, Weizmann Institute of Science
Sensing hearing - A study using time-resolved atomic 
force microscopy
Paul Matsudaira
March 4 Richard Roberts
New England Biolabs
The Genomics of Restriction and Modification
Robert Harris Lecture
Refreshments at 3:10
See flyer
Pete Dedon
co-sponsored by CEHS
March 11 Jim McGrath
University of Rochester
A Mechanistic Model of the Actin Cycle C. Forbes Dewey, Jr.
March 18 Tom Knight
Isolation, Modularity, Simplicity, and Minimality Engineering living cellsBE Student Committee, contact Nathan Tedford
March 25 Alan D. D'Andrea
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute 
Department of Pediatric Oncology 
April 1 Simona Socrate
MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering
  Linda Griffith
April 8 Michael Sporn
Dartmouth Medical School
Gerald N. Wogan Lecture: 
Cancer Chemoprevention
Pete Dedon
co-sponsored by CEHS
April 22 Penny Chisholm
Genetic diversity of ocean microorganisms Doug Lauffenburger
April 29 Susan Wallace
University of Vermont
Processing of Oxidative DNA Damage Bevin P. Engelward
May 6 Dr. Curtis C. Harris
National Cancer Institute
Radical Causes of Cancer BE Graduate Students
May 20 Drew Endy
Design of Genetic Systems  

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