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BE Seminar Series Academic Year 2007-2008

All seminars will be presented in Rm. 32-141, unless otherwise noted, at 4:05pm.

Date Speaker Topic Host(s)
September 13 Christina Smolke
A framework for programming integrated RNA devices Drew Endy
September 20 Stephen Lippard
Meet the Lab—The Lippard Group K. Dane Wittrup
September 27 Ron Weiss
Princeton University
Synthetic biology: from bacteria to stem cells Doug Lauffenburger
October 25 Bernhardt Trout
Meet the Lab—The Trout Group K.Dane Wittrup
November 1 Steven Henikoff
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Histone variant dynamics and epigenetics Ernest Fraenkel
November 8 Todd Thorsen
Microfluidics for the cell biologist: tools for cell culture and analysis Roger Kamm
November 15 Brian Duling
University of Virginia
The endothelial cell surface glycocalyx - where does the plasma stop and the matrix begin, and why? C. Forbes Dewey
December 6 Gavin MacBeath
Harvard University
Insight into Protein Function through Genome-wide Investigations Forest White
February 14 Kam W. Leong
Duke University
Response of stem cells to nanostructures Darrell Irvine
February 21 Mark Bathe
CNRS Gif-sur-Yvette
Cytoskeletal actin bundles: in search of nature's design principles Douglas Lauffenburger
March 13 Ram Sasisekharan
Meet the Lab—The Sasisekharan Group K.Dane Wittrup
March 18
Michael Smith
ETH Zurich
The changing face of the extracellular matrix under force: role of fibronectin in mechanotransduction Douglas Lauffenburger
March 20 Jan Lammerding
Harvard Medical School
The role of nuclear mechanics and nuclear-cytoskeletal coupling in human diseases Douglas Lauffenburger
April 3
Harris Lecture
Samuel H. Wilson
Molecular mechanisms of mutagenesis during base excision repair Leona Samson and Pete Dedon
April 10 Sanjiv Sam Gambhir
Stanford University
Molecular imag(in)ing in living subjects Alan Jasanoff
April 17 Paul Selvin
University of Illinois
Molecular motors one step at a time: in vitro & in vivo Matthew Lang
April 24 Manuel Llinas
Princeton University
Gene Regulation and Metabolism in Plasmodium falciparum Jacquin Niles
May 1
Wogan Lecture
Cheryl Walker
University of Texas –MD Anderson Cancer Center
Cross-talk between ATM and TSC2 to regulate mTOR signaling in response to damage Steven Tannenbaum

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