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BE Seminar Series Academic Year 2009-2010

All seminars will be presented in Rm. 32-141, unless otherwise noted, at 4:05pm.

Date Speaker Topic Host(s)
September 24 Sebastian Seung
Connectome: the quest to deconstruct the brain Scott Manalis
October 1 M. Fatih Yanik
Highthroughput microfluidics and ultrafast optics for in vivo compound and genetic discoveries Scott Manalis
October 22 Matthew Nugent
Boston University

Extracellular communication: growth factor dynamics in tissue injury and repair

Douglas Lauffenburger

October 30

Gut Microbes and Cancer—A Pioneer's Passion
A Celebration of the Life and Work of David B. Schauer

Killian Hall, 14W-111, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Reception at 5:00 PM
Peter Dedon,  Jim Fox, Steve Tannenbaum
November 5 James Eberwine
University of Pennsylvania Medical Center
Molecular biology and functional genomics of single cells Ed Boyden
November 12
Jonathon Howard
Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics
Networks of cytoskeletal and motor proteins underlying cellular motility Roger Kamm
November 19 Forest White
Biological insights from quantitative analysis of receptor tyrosine kinase signaling networks Douglas Lauffenburger
December 3 Tejal Desai
University of California,
San Francisco
Nanostructured interfaces for enhanced therapeutic delivery
Kimberly Hamad-Schifferli
February 4 Marsha Moses
Children's Hospital, Boston
Molecular Regulation of Angiogenesis: From the Angiogenic Switch Through Tumor Progression: Implications for Therapy, Diagnosis and Prognosis Linda Griffith
February 11 Anne Robinson
University of Delaware

Production and trafficking of active GPCRs in yeast for biophysical characterization

Douglas Lauffenburger
February 18 Eric Siggia
Rockefeller University
Geometry, Genetics, and Evolution: Predicting gene regulatory networks Ernest Fraenkel
February 25
Dewey Lecture
Trey Ideker
University of California,
San Diego
New Opportunities in Network Biology: Network-based Biomarkers and Network-Wide Association Studies (NWAS) Douglas Lauffenburger
March 11 Fred Chang
Columbia University
How Cells Divide in the Middle Mark Bathe
April 1 Farren J. Isaacs
Harvard Medical School
Genome Engineering Technologies for Rapid Programming & Evolution of Organisms Douglas Lauffenburger
April 8 Christopher Snow
California Institute of Technology
Understanding and Engineering Enzymes via Recombination Douglas Lauffenburger
April 15 James R. Williamson
The Scripps Research Institute
Structural and Temporal Analysis  of Ribosome Assembly and Biogenesis: Systems Biology of the Core Machine Jacquin Niles
April 29 David A. Relman
Stanford University
Perturbation of the human microbiome: unrest at home Eric Alm
May 6
Harris Lecture
John Tainer
Dept. of Life Sciences, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory & Structurally Integrated Biology for Life Sciences (SIBLYS)
DNA repair machine structures, predictive biology, and insights for cancer interventions Leona Samson
May 20 Christopher Voigt, University of California, San Francisco Synthetic Biology: Towards Refactoring Prokaryotic Gene Clusters Douglas Lauffenburger
May 27 Anna Wu, University of California, Los Angeles Engineered Antibodies for Molecular Targeting and Imaging of Cancer K. Dane Wittrup
Basic science as a tool to solve problems in public health
Steven R. Tannebaum and John M. Essigmann

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