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BE Seminar Series Academic Year 2012-2013

All seminars will be presented in Rm. 32-141, unless otherwise noted, at 4:05pm.

Date Speaker Topic Host(s)
Fall Semester      
September 13 Cynthia Reinhart-King
Cornell University
Pulling apart at the seams: The role of cell contractility in atherosclerosis and cancer progression Doug Lauffenburger
September 20 Chin-Lin Guo
California Institute of Technology
Geometrical circuits in the patterning of cell shapes and tubular structures Scott Manalis
October 4 Rebecca Carrier
Northeastern University
Enabling oral drug delivery: overcoming barriers to intestinal absorption Doug Lauffenburger
October 18 Eric Alm
How microbial communities impact our health and environment Doug Lauffenburger
November 1 Ernest Fraenkel
Combining high-throughput measurements and network modeling to reveal hidden mechanisms of disease Doug Lauffenburger
November 8 Jeff Kelly
The Scripps Research Institute
Adapting cellular proteostasis to ameliorate human misfolding and aggregation diseases Ernest Fraenkel
November 16 Date & Location Change:
32-123 4PM
Eric Davidson
California Institute of Technology
Gene network models and logic processing in development Roger Kamm
November 29 Ralph Tripp
The University of Georgia
Respiratory virus disease detection and intervention strategies Jonathan Runstadler
Spring Semester      
February 21 Antoine van Oijen
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Single-molecule studies of the DNA-replication machinery Paul Blainey
February 28
Edward J Rebar
Sangamo BioSciences
Design and applications of sequence-specific endonucleases Feng Zhang
March 5
Date & Location Change:
4-163 4PM
Sharon Aviran
University of California-Berkeley
High-throughput RNA structure analysis from chemical footprinting experiments Doug Lauffenburger
March 14 James Boedicker
California Institute of Technology
Predicting and controlling microbial activity through quantitative theory and experiments Doug Lauffenburger
March 21 Angela Koehler
Broad Institute
Chemical approaches to modulate transcriptional regulators Doug Lauffenburger
April 4 Zachary Pincus
Yale University
Variability in longevity and the origins of individuality Doug Lauffenburger
April 11 Yonggang Ke
Harvard Medical School
Programmable self-assembly of three-dimensional DNA structures Doug Lauffenburger
April 25 Michael Marletta
Scripps Research Institute
Harris Lecture
Functions of nitric oxide: from human to prokaryotic biology John Essigmann
May 2 Dame Janet Thornton
Dewey Lecture
The evolution of enzyme mechanisms and functional diversity C. Forbes Dewey & Doug Lauffenburger
May 9 Hao Yan
Arizona State University
DNA architectures for programmable self-assembly Mark Bathe
May 16 Stephen Barthold
UC Davis
Schauer Lecture
There's something about borrelia James Fox

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