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Eric Alm, Ph.D.

Eric Alm, Ph.D.

Karl Van Tassel (1925) Career Development Associate Professor

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E-mail: ejalm@mit.edu
Office: NE47-379
Phone: (617) 253-2726

Administrative Assistant: Kristine Marzilli
      Office: NE47-257
      Phone: 617-324-4931


  • B.S., 1995, University of Illinois, Urbana
  • M.S., 1997, University of California, Riverside
  • Ph.D., 2001, University of Washington, Seattle
  • Postdoc, 2005, University of California, Berkeley/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Research Focus

Research in my group includes both computational/theoretical and experimental approaches to understanding the evolution of microorganisms, emphasizing a 'systems-level' perspective. Some areas of special interest include:

  • Tools for detecting natural selection in microbes
  • The evolutionary origin of gene families
  • Mining metagenomic sequence data
  • Experimental evolution of microbes
  • Modeling bacterial ecology
  • Gene regulatory networks in bacteria
  • Protein structure and design

Teaching Interests

I have enjoyed teaching a variety of classes at MIT, spanning my own diverse interests in microbiology, computer algorithms, and thermodynamics of biomolecules. I am currently looking forward to teaching a new class on microbial evolution and genetics.


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