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Department of Biological Engineering
Angela M. Belcher, Ph.D.

Angela M. Belcher, Ph.D.

Chair: W.M. Keck Professor of Energy

Research group web site

E-mail: belcher@mit.edu
Address: 76-561A
Phone: (617) 252-1163

Administrative Assistant: Peter Jansen


Honors, Awards & Degrees

2010 Eni Prize for Renewable & Non-Conventional Energy
2009 Rolling Stone Magazine “100 People Who Are Changing America”
2007 Time Magazine “Hero”- Climate Change
2006 Technology Breakthrough Award Popular Mechanics
2004 MacArthur Fellowship
2002 World Technology Award
2001 Packard Foundation Fellow
2001 Harvard U Wilson Prize in Chemistry
2001 Harrington Faculty Fellow
2001 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow
2000 Presidential Early Career Award
2000 IBM Faculty Partnership Award
2000 Beckman Young Investigator Award
1999 Du Pont Young Investigators Award
1999 Army Young Investigator Award
1997-99 Postdoctoral Fellow, U California - Santa Barbara
1997 Ph.D., U California - Santa Barbara
1991 B.S., U California - Santa Barbara

Research Focus

Biomaterials, biomolecular materials and organic-inorganic interfaces

The focus of our research is understanding and using the process by which Nature makes materials in order to design new hybrid organic-inorganic materials. Our research is very interdisciplinary in nature and brings together the fields of inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology and electrical engineering. The current research topics in our research lab include 1) biomimetic synthesis of non biological inorganic phases with novel electronic and magnetic properties directed by proteins and synthetic analogs, 2) synthesis and self-assembly of smart polymers to pattern size restricted metals and semiconductors to make devices with novel electronic and optical properties on length scales that surpass current lithographic capabilities, 3) design and synthesis of biocomposite materials that show exceptional strength and regularity and 4) surface modification of high surface area inorganic phases applied to high surface area catalysts, biosensors and environmental remediation.

Selected Publications

Click here for a complete list of publications.

Virus-templated Self-assembled Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes for Highly Efficient Electron Collection in Photovoltaic Devices.” Nature Nanotechnology, 6:377–384, 2011.

“Kinetics of antimicrobial peptide activity measured on bacterial cells using high-speed atomic force microscopy.” Nature Nanotechnology, 5, 280-285, 2010.

“Biologically Templated Photocatalytic Nanostructures for Sustained Light-driven Water Oxidation.” Nature Nanotechnology, 5, 340-4, 2010.

“Fabricating Genetically Engineered High-Power Lithium Ion Batteries Using Multiple Virus Genes”. Science, 324, 1051, 2009.

“Virus Enabled Synthesis and Assembly of Nanowires for Lithium Ion Battery Electrodes,” Science, 312, 885-888, 2006.


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