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Ernest Fraenkel, Ph.D.

Ernest Fraenkel, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

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E-mail: fraenkel-admin@mit.edu
Office: 16-241A
Phone: (617) 258-8702
Administrative Assistant: Kimberli DeMayo
Administrative Assistant Phone: (617) 452-4086



Research Focus

Systems Biology of Disease

We are developing computational and experimental approaches to search for new therapeutic strategies for diseases. New experimental methods make it possible to measure cellular changes across the genome and proteome. These technologies include genome-wide measurements of transcription, of protein-DNA interactions (ChIP-Seq), of genetic interactions, and of protein modifications. Each data source provides a very narrow view of the cellular changes. However, by computationally integrating these data we can reconstruct signaling pathways and identify previously unrecognized regulatory mechanisms that contribute to the etiology of disease and may provide new approaches for treatment.

Current projects focus on the study of cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and diabetes.

Selected Publications

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