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Angela Belcher

Biomaterials, biomolecular materials and organic-inorganic interfaces

Chris Burge

Mechanisms of gene regulation

Arup Chakraborty

Computational Modeling of Biological and Physiological Processes

Peter Dedon

Translational control of cellular stress responses in eukaryotes and prokaryotes; chemical and biological mechanisms linking infection, inflammation and cancer

Edward F. DeLong

Environmental genomics, microbial diversity, photobiology, integrating microbial systems biology with systems ecology

C. Forbes Dewey, Jr.

Cell, tissue, and fluid biomechanics; biological imaging

Bevin P. Engelward

DNA damage induced loss of genomic integrity

John M. Essigmann

Molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis; mechanism based drug design

James G. Fox

Animal models for disease

Linda G. Griffith

Tissue engineering

Alan J. Grodzinsky

Tissue engineering; biology and biophysics of extracellular matrix; cell and molecular nanomechanics

Jongyoon Han


Darrell J. Irvine

Immune system bioengineering, cell and tissue engineering, biomaterials

Roger D. Kamm

Cell, tissue, and fluid biomechanics

Alexander M. Klibanov

Anti-microbial polymeric coatings; Stability and delivery of pharmaceutical proteins; Novel polymer-attached anti-viral agents.

Robert Langer

Biomaterials; tissue engineering

Douglas A. Lauffenburger
Department Head

Cell, tissue and biomolecular engineering; computational modeling of biological and physiological systems

Harvey F. Lodish

Cytokine- and cell-based therapeutic biotechnology

Scott Manalis

New tools for single cell analysis and biomolecular detection

Leona D. Samson

Cellular responses to damaging agents; the repair of alkylation damage and its influence on alkylation induced cell death, apoptosis, mutation, chromosome damage and cancer

Ram Sasisekharan

Glycotechnology and therapeutics

Peter So

Biomedical optics; micromanipulation and fabrication; molecular, cell and tissue biomechanics; non-invasive optical biopsy

Steven R. Tannenbaum

Nitric Oxide, Metabolism and toxicology of drug development, mass spectrometry and proteomics

William G. Thilly

Origins of genetic change in humans

Bruce Tidor

Computational biology and bioengineering;molecular biophysics; rational drug design; biochemical networks and signal transduction; Systems biology

Christopher A. Voigt

Synthetic Biology. Genetic circuit design and application to problems in biotechnology.

Ron Weiss

Synthetic biology. Construction and analysis of synthetic gene networks.

Forest White

Proteomics, protein phosphorylation analysis, mass

K. Dane Wittrup

Molecular bioengineering, protein engineering, therapeutic protein biotechnology

Gerald N. Wogan

Effects of environmental toxins on human physiology

Michael Yaffe

Regulation of protein-protein interactions; structure and function of modular signaling domains; design of bioinformatics tools for proteomic analysis

Associate Professors

Eric Alm

Computational and experimental approaches to understanding the evolution of gene regulatory networks in environmental microorganisms.

Mark Bathe

Computational biology and biophysics; Fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy; Structural nucleic acid nanotechnology

Ed Boyden

Neurotechnology, neural circuit analysis and engineering, novel neurological disase treatments, optical and molecular tools for neuroscience

Ernest Fraenkel

Computational Biology; Systems Biology; Transcriptional Regulation

Alan P. Jasanoff

Neurotechnology and neural systems, molecular imaging, biomolecular and materials engineering.

Amy E. Keating

Computational, biophysical, structural and proteomic studies of protein-protein interactions

Timothy K. Lu

Synthetic biology for biocomputation, infectious disease, materials engineering, and biomedical applications

Jacquin Niles

Development of new molecular tools aimed at facilitating investigation of human pathogens

Krystyn J. Van Vliet

Mechanics of molecules, cells, and materials

Assistant Professors

Paul Blainey

Microfluidics, single-cell genomics & function, biophysics of DNA-protein interaction

Angela Koehler

Chemical biology, cancer therapeutics

Katharina Ribbeck

Physiological transport, mucus barriers, biofilms, pathogen/host interactions

Jonathan A Runstadler

Virology and virus/host genetics

Feng Zhang

Synthetic biology; development of technologies for genome and epigenome engineering, neural circuit engineerin, optogenetics, stem cell engineering, gene delivery

Research/Teaching Staff

Noubar Afeyan

Biotechnology and systems biology

Shannon Hughes

Cancer systems biology; biomedical science and technology education

Maxine Jonas

Biological Instrumentation and Measurement

Natalie Kuldell

Curriculum Development

Steven Nagle

Instrumentation, biomedical devices, micro/nanofabrication

John Pierce

Biological technologies

Agi Stachowiak

Biomaterial, cell, and tissue engineering; undergraduate education

Steve Wasserman


Pete Wishnok

Bioanalytical techniques and instrumentation


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