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Department of Biological Engineering
Darrell J. Irvine, Ph.D.

Darrell J. Irvine, Ph.D.

Professor of Materials Science & Engineering and Biological Engineering

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E-mail: djirvine@mit.edu
Office: 76-261C
Phone: (617) 452-4174
Administrative Assistant: Valerie Corapi | (617) 253-5819

Courses: 20.340J and 20.462JJ


Selected Publications

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Hori Y, Winans AM, and Irvine DJ, “Modular injectable matrices based on alginate solution/microsphere mixtures that gel in situ and co-deliver immunomodulatory factors,” Acta Biomaterialia 5 969-982 (2009).

Hori Y, Winans AM, Huang CC, Horrigan EM, and Irvine DJ, “Injectable dendritic cell-carrying alginate gels for immunization and immunotherapy,” Biomaterials 29 3671-3682 (2008).

Swiston AJ, Cheng C, Um SH, Irvine DJ, Cohen RE, and Rubner MF, “Surface functionalization of living cells with multilayer patches,” Nano Letters 8 4446-4453 (2008).

Verma A, Uzun O, Hu Y, Watson N, Chen S, Irvine DJ, and Stellacci F, “Cell penetrating nanoparticles: the role of ligand shell structure,” Nature Materials, 7 588-595 (2008). [Abstract]

Bershteyn A, Chaparro J, Yau R, Kim M, Reinherz E, Ferreira-Moita L, and Irvine DJ, “Polymer-Supported lipid shells, onions, and flowers,” Soft Matter 4 1787-1791 (2008).

Irvine DJ, Stachowiak AN, and Y Hori, “Lymphoid tissue engineering: Invoking lymphoid tissue neogenesis in immunotherapy and models of immunity,” Seminars in Immunology 20 137-146 (2008).

Stachowiak AN and Irvine DJ, “Inverse opal hydrogel-collagen composite scaffolds as a supportive microenvironment for immune cell migration,” Journal of Biomedical Materials Research 85A 815-828 (2008).

Hu Y, Litwin T, Nagaraja AR, Kwong B, Katz J, Watson N, and Irvine DJ, “Cytosolic delivery of membrane-impermeable molecules in dendritic cells using pH-responsive core-shell nanoparticles,” Nano Letters, 7(10); 3056-3064 (2007). [Abstract]

Irvine DJ, Doh J, and Huang B, “Patterned surfaces as tools to study ligand recognition and synapse formation by T cells,” Current Opinion in Immunology 19 463-469, (2007).

Stachowiak AN, Wang Y, Huang Y-C, and Irvine DJ, “Homeostatic lymphoid chemokines synergize with adhesion ligands to trigger T and B lymphocyte chemokinesis,” The Journal of Immunology, 177(4) 2340-2348 (2006). [full text]

Doh J, and Irvine DJ, “Immunological Synapse Arrays: Patterned Protein Surfaces that Template Immunological Synapse Structure Formation in T Cells,” J. Doh and D.J. Irvine, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, U.S.A., 103(15) 5700-5705 (2006). [full text]

"Direct cell migration via chemoattractants released from degradable microspheres," X. Zhao, S. Jain, B. Larman, S. Gonzalez, and D.J. Irvine, Biomaterials 26 (24) 5048-5063 (2005). [Abstract] [pdf]

"Photogenerated polyelectrolyte bilayers from an aqueous-processible photoresist for multiple protein patterning," J. Doh, and D.J. Irvine, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 126 (30) 9170-9171 (2004). [Abstract] [pdf]


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