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Department of Biological Engineering

BioTechnology Training Program

Participating Faculty

Program Director

K. Dane Wittrup    

Steering Committee

Barbara Imperiali Douglas Lauffenberger Christopher Love
Jacquin Niles K. Dane Wittrup  

Biological Engineering

Eric Alm Linda G. Griffith Jacquin C. Niles
Angela M. Belcher Alan J. Grodzinsky Katharina Ribbeck
Arup Chakraborty Jongyoon Han Ram Sasisekharan
Peter Dedon Darrell J. Irvine Bruce Tidor
Bevin P. Engelward Douglas A. Lauffenburger Ron Weiss
John M. Essigmann Timothy K. Lu Forest White
Ernest Fraenkel Scott Manalis K. Dane Wittrup

Chemical Engineering

Patrick S. Doyle J. Christopher Love Hadley Sikes
Paula T. Hammond Bradley D. Olsen Gregory Stephanopoulos
Robert S. Langer Kristala L. Jones Prather Bernhardt Trout


Catherine L. Drennan Elizabeth M. Nolan JoAnne Stubbe
Barbara Imperiali Bradley L. Pentelute Alice Y. Ting
Stephen J. Lippard    

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Janelle R. Thompson    

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Joel Voldman    

Contact Information

Darlene Ray
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Building 16-249
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA

Phone: 617-253-3874
Fax: 617-324-4870


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