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It is important to review the general environment as well as the academic setting before selecting a graduate school program. The scholastic programs at MIT are superlative primarily because of the effective teaching of a distiniguished faculty and research staff. As the teaching facilities and laboratories support the work of the Insititute's scholars, the recreational and cultural resources on campus support the quality of life within the Institute community.

Theater, music, visual arts, and dance contribute to an active artistic environment on campus in a cultural microcosm of the Boston-Cambridge community that surrounds it. Kresge Auditorium is often the scene of many of these events, as well as the forum for many well-known and sometimes controversial speakers. Scattered throughout the 135-acre campus are outdoor sculptures, contemporary monuments to a climate of intellectual freedom and expression. The Libraries, with 1.9 million volumes and 19,000 current journals and periodicals, are a major resource for graduate studies. Another invaluable resource is the Information Systems (I.S.) which provides the MIT research and training programs access to state-of-the-art computer technology. I.S. offers a broad spectrum of processing power and extensive support services. In addition, most labs and offices are equipped with personal computers.

A wide range of intramural programs and club sports provide opportunities for graduate students and their families to enjoy the athletic and recreational facilities at MIT which are among the best in the nation. Available for use by the entire MIT community are: the Athletic Centers (with indoor tennis, squash and basketball courts, weigthtlifting and exercise rooms, and a 400-meter all weather track), swimming pool, sailing pavilion, boathouse, 20 acres of playing fields, and outdoor tennis courts. Intercollegiate matches and intramural programs offer team competition to participating graduate students on a regular basis.


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