Rules and Policies


Under the current rules, all bathrooms on Beast are co-ed. Four are multiple occupancy (giggity!). The only single-occupancy bathroom is the one near the kitchen, in Goodale. Policies regarding bathrooms will be reconsidered at the start of each Fall semester upon the request of residents.

Kitchens | Cabinets

Cabinets are chosen either on a first-come, first-serve basis or, should too many people want too much space, everyone who wants cabinet space is placed on a list in a hall meeting, and space is divvied up by the hall chairs. Unfortunately, killing for cabinet space is frowned upon by MIT administrators.

Kitchens | Refrigerators

Beast has two refrigerators and two freezers. Space in the fridge or freezer is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Residents should mark their food with their name, room, and the date the item was placed there. If the Kitchen Dictator deems an item stale or inedible it will be given to the Biology Department for proper disposal. An alternate course of action would be to simply discard the leftovers into the cruft room. Chances are, the gorillas that live there will consume it. Poor cooking skill is not a valid reason for the disposal of food.

Kitchens | Sinks

Beast has three sinks, two of which have garbage disposals. One of the sinks is currently being used for the water dispenser. All residents are welcome to use the sinks. However, food should only go into the sinks with disposals. And please keep the sinks clean! Dishes left around too long will be cleaned and set aside, where they will probably be lost or stolen.

Quiet Hours

There are no quiet hours on The Beast.

Chairs and Comms

Hall Chairs 2012-2013

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