Rules for Roomwars

Please note that these rules were amended at a hall meeting on April 22, 2007. They were then amended again at a hall meeting on May 8th, 2011. They were amended once more on April 5th, 2015 for sinkless rooms.

  1. Doubles will be determined by hall chairs and indicated prior to any room wars.
  2. Squatters have top priority to their rooms--you may "un-squat" your room at any time during the process; however, you will then lose all rights and privileges to that room--except . . .
  3. Doubles cannot be squatted into singles. That means, any room that was assigned as a double at the beginning of the year, and one of the residents vacates the double, the second resident cannot squat the room as a single for the following year--the room must be completely vacated at the end of the year.
    Doubles can be squatted as doubles. Note that you will have to take a roommate if you are alone in the double at the end of room wars.
  4. Non-squatting persons of highest priority always have first selection at available rooms.
  5. The following is how room selection priority is determined for current residents:
    1. Current residency (see below)
    2. # of terms at MIT
    3. # of terms on hall
      • HOWEVER, hall transfers are "bumped up" to the same priority as their official MIT class after living on hall for two semesters
    4. Room size (see floor plan), listed here from highest priority to lowest priority
      1. # of terms in a double IF you are in a double now
        • If the Institute officially classifies you as being in a double, you are in a double, even if you have not seen your roommate for months
        • If your roommate has officially moved into another room or dorm, you are no longer in a double
      2. # of terms in a double IF you dedoubled that room during this academic year
        • Persons remaining alone in the doubled room have higher priority over persons who moved out into a single room
      3. Singles, ascending by room size (i.e. D's have highest priority and A's have lowest priority). Rooms without sinks, no matter what size, are considered Ds. As a result, those living in those rooms will be given higher priority than people with smaller rooms with sinks.
  6. Non-current residents have priority lower than that of current residents.
    i.e., if you are transferring to 2E for the semester following this roomwars, you have lowest priority for this roomwars, regardless of your class standing. However, in future terms, your priority will be determined in the normal way.
  7. Order of persons with equal priority to be decided by highest dice roll.
  8. See priority list for room selection priority. Any questions? Contact a hall chair.
  9. Room selection is performed over the course of a few days. Once you are notified in person by the person above you on the priority list, or by a hall chair, that it is your turn, you have three hours to make a decision. Once you make a decision:
    1. Record it on the whiteboard (or wherever the roomwars stuff is happening)
    2. Tell the hall chairs your decision
    3. Tell the next person on the priority list in person that it is their turn
  10. Persons not making a decision within the allotted time are considered to be squatting in their current room.

Please review, in advance, rooms you are considering so the room selection process may run more smoothly and quickly.